Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Current Favorite Beauty Products ♥

Hello Friends! 

I haven't done a beauty post in a while so today I thought we could take a peek into my vanity and I'll share with you a few products that I'm currently loving.  

As I grow older I am more and more conscious of taking care of my skin.  Cleansing and moisturizing are as important to me as putting on lipstick and mascara - two things I have never gone a day without doing since 8th grade.  I enjoy pampering my skin because I know it's good for me.  The same way I make time to take a 10 minute walk during the day or practice a daily mediation. 

Self care is important. 

You are worth it! 

I picked out just a few things to show you.  Nothing is unique or expensive.

That's the beauty of it! 

There was a time in my life when I loathed washing my face at night.  I really hated it.  I would be half asleep and think to myself "I should really go wash my face". 99% of the time I would roll over and go to sleep, never making my way to the bathroom.  Nowadays I would never even consider skipping, no matter how tired I am.  I wear a full face of makeup every day and I love the feeling of taking it all off.  It's like kicking off your boots after a long day.  It feels so good.  Cleansing nightly allows your skin to breath and rejuvenate itself.  

My favorite makeup removing wipes are Aveeno Ultra Calming Wipes.  They take everything off.  Even the toughest mascara and eyeliner.  They are so soothing! After wiping off my makeup my skin feels like it's already moisturized.  I've used makeup wipes in the past that have dried out my skin.  These are the complete opposite.  When they say "ultra calming" they really mean it.  My skin feels clean, soft, and smooth.   

I just started using toner again last year after a long hiatus!  I think I stopped because I didn't want another step in my beauty routine. Until I came across this facial mist from Thayers.   I simply "mist" it on my bare face before I apply my moisturizer.  It only takes a few seconds for it to soak into my skin (no need for any cotton balls!).  It's so refreshing! Especially after I get out of the shower.  The formula has aloe vera in it which is very soothing and healing to the skin.  Toners give an extra boost to cleansing, balance PH levels, and control acne.  I also love this rose petal scent! 

Eye creams can be very expensive.  I always dread when I have to purchase a new one because I know it's gonna cost some dollars.  With that being said, eye cream is not something I would ever cut out of my routine.  My eye area is the bain of my existence!  I have been blessed (and I use that term loosely) with permanent dark circles.  I could sleep for 48 hours and feel like a million bucks....take a peek in the mirror and I would STILL have dark circles! Really?! Why?!  In addition to that "blessing" now that I'm getting older, the fine lines and wrinkles that I've heard about my whole life have come to the party!  Welcome! I've been expecting you! Have you met my crows feet? They're here too!  

Eye creams are essential in my world.  I've found that using eye creams religiously day and night really help keeping the party under control.  I have yet to find a miracle worker, but any little bit helps.  Lately I've been using Garnier Skin Active Ultra-Lift.  It's super moisturizing and soaks into the area very nicely.  I notice my concealer (also essential!) glides on easily and does not crease when I apply it over the eye cream.  This is my first experience with Garnier skin care  and so far I am very pleased.  I normally use Ponds or Oil of Olay - both of which I love too! 


And speaking of Garnier, another new product I've recently gotten into is this Garnier Fructis High Shine Finish for my hair. 

In case you don't already know I am a child of the 80's. Since then I've never been able to get away from having poofy hair and using too much hair spray!  As much as I've tried (so hard have I tried!! ) I just can't shake it.  I'll always have a poof and I'll always use hair spray.  When you use as much product as I do, your hair tends to get dull.  That and the fact that I color my hair, blow dry it, and use a curling iron daily.  No wonder it's dull and dry.  I'm literally frying it on a daily basis.  Something I really should do something about, but that's a topic for another day. 

Anyway, my hair has lost it's shine!  The only time it's shiny is right after I color it, and that shine only lasts about 2 weeks and then it starts to get dull and grayish looking.  Bheh.  My hairstylist suggested a few products for me to try out to "get my shine back".  The first one I'm trying is this one from Garnier Fructis.  I am LOVING it!! It has argon oil in it but does not leave my hair oily.  I mist it on dry hair and lightly smooth it over with my hands. I feel like it's bringing my dry, dull hair back to life!  It puts just the right amount of moisture back into my hair (the moisture that my hairdryer and curling iron have sucked out) and leaves me with a nice shine. Plus it smells like a salon and that's always nice!  

I can't go without mentioning my favorite make up product at the moment and that is the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner. 

I. Love. This. 

I wear eyeliner on my top lid everyday and trust me I've tried all of them.  What I'm looking for is an eyeliner that glides on easily, is not runny, and has staying power.  This one has it all!  The tip is like a felt marker.  It glides on like butter and stays all day.  Literally, the best! 

Whenever Bath and Body Works has a sale on these mini 1 oz hand lotions I always take advantage of it and stock up on new scents.  It gives me the opportunity to try out different ones without having to invest in a whole bottle.  I figure if I don't like it I could always give it away to someone. 
Side note: that has never happened : ) 

My most recent purchase was Sparkling Limoncello!  Let's just say I'm in it for the whole bottle! I wish this were a drink so I could sip my life away! It's the sweetest lemon, sugary scent you have ever smelled!  So nice for spring and summer!  I strongly believe in aroma therapy and lemon is an invigorating scent.  I love putting this lotion on in the morning.  It gets me going and makes my day just a little bit sweeter.  Also it helps that B&BW lotions are super moisturizing!  I just bought a lemon hand soap for my bathroom as well.  I'm pretty much obsessed with everything they make : ) 

And those are my current favorite beauty products!  I hope you enjoyed!  If you have any favorites that you would like to share I would love to hear about them!  

Have a great day, friends! xoox


  1. Love your products!
    And love you!!!!!!!

  2. I have that same hand cream!! <3
    Happy Friday!

  3. AMEN to taking off your makeup every night!!! I never skip washing my face. I try to do it earlier in the evening so I am not too tempted to fall asleep with it on and then be too lazy to go wash it off. :) I want to try that facial mist someday! Have a great week!

    Madison | Breakfast at Madison’s