Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Christmas in July ♥

Hello Friends!

Is it hot where you are? Over here we've officially entered the dog days of summer! 

When the weather gets too hot to bear, it can only mean one thing...

It's time for Christmas in July! 

A yearly tradition John and I have is celebrating Christmas in July.  We take one summer day and play our favorite Christmas music, make cookies, and watch holiday movies.  It's a fun way to escape the sweltering heat and get that holiday feeling....and who doesn't love a holiday feeling?! ♥

I have a little 4' tree that takes no time to put up.  Honestly the worst part was going into the attic to get it.  It's not hard to access, it's just hot and scary up there.
(the things I do for the sake of tradition : )  

We added a few decorations, lit a candle, and viola! It's Christmas!  ♥

We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast and exchanged  smalls gifts.   After that I put on A Christmas Story and on the couch we stayed until.....

It was cookie time!

I used this sugar cookie recipe (and the frosting too).  I made the dough yesterday so it could be refrigerated overnight.  It rolled out and took shapes so easily.  I will definitely be making these again. It was a good test run for real Christmas!  : ) 

We had the most fun decorating the cookies. There is something very relaxing about decorating Christmas cookies when it's NOT Christmas. There's no pressure.  Nothing needs to be perfect because they are just for us.  We laughed the whole time ♥

It doesn't take a lot of money or effort to make a fun day and memories that your kids will always remember.  Christmas in July is one of John's favorite days of summer.  I hope one day he will carry on this tradition with his kids (or at least send them to grandma's for the day : ) 

By tomorrow Christmas will be packed up and it will be summer once again!  We'll be back to the beach this weekend, but it was nice pretending for one day and a little preview of days to come. 



  1. I wish AGAIN we were neighbors!!!!
    Danielle, this is the most perfect day!
    Soon, we will be doing it for real.
    But first...PUMPKIN everything!

    1. Yes! Pumpkin spice days are right around the corner!

  2. What a fun tradition! I'm sure my family would love that too.