Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Weekend in The Berkshires ♥

Hello Friends!  

I am just back from a wonderful 4 day weekend spent in Stockbridge, MA.  A beautiful quaint area tucked in the western part of our state.  Every summer Rob's family does a family getaway.  For the past several years we have gone to New Hampshire.  This year we changed it up a bit and tried a new place (for some of us, anyway).  I had never been to  the Berkshires before.  I was pleasantly surprised by the charming shops, beautiful views, and quintessential New England feel.

We were only a 5 minute walk from the famous Red Lion Inn, which we had lunch at on Friday.  Our rental was a very old home - with secret passages, multiple doors, and even a phone booth in one of the closets??  It was decorated with Normal Rockwell artwork, who is the hometown celebrity in Stockbridge.  I was lucky enough to visit his museum on Saturday and I enjoyed every minute of it! What a great and talented man he was!

That evening we packed a picnic and went to hear the Boston Symphony Orchestra at Tanglewood.  It was an amazing experience.  Maybe not so much for the kids (whom I heard yawning through most of it....: )  but for the adults it was quite a show. 

Our final day was spent my favorite way, meandering down old streets, browsing shops, and eating ice cream.  We even took a little nap in a screened in favorite room on the house.   The weekend started off hot and humid (which I did not enjoy) but luckily the temperature dropped a bit on Saturday and by Sunday I even felt a hit of fall in the air.  It was a fun weekend spent with family, playing games, eating good food, and catching up. It made my heart happy to see John having quality time with his cousins, some he only sees a few times a year.  They rode bikes, went on a hike, and stayed up to the wee hours of the morning laughing.  For me, that was the best part of the trip.

Our home for the weekend.  On the right is the screened in porch. 

It was so comfortable! 

Walking around the town I kept thinking about how pretty it must be in the Fall and then I came upon this river.  I could totally feel FALL here! : ) 

Our picnic at Tanglewood courtesy of my sister in law! My favorite meal of the trip!
It was as good as it looks! 

The grounds were gorgeous! 


All of us! (I am hiding in the back : ) 

It was good to get home on Monday. I layed down and took a 2 hour nap!  I was back to work on Tuesday feeling refreshed. 

Only 2 more weeks of summer my friends (because on my calendar once it's September, summer is over!).  Fall is right around the corner, and I personally cannot wait! 


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  1. So happy you all enjoyed the trip!!!!
    Beautiful photos and beautiful people.
    Miss you!