Monday, January 13, 2020

Currently: January ♥

Is it really January? 

This past weekend our temperatures hit almost 70 degrees!  Whaaat? 

It was so warm I had all the windows open. 

It felt good to fill the house up with fresh air.

We took a mid day break on Saturday afternoon and took a drive to beach.  I couldn't let this day go by without seeing the ocean.  

I like to go to the beach in January for a little taste of winter ocean air and to make my New Year's wishes.  Usually it's freezing, but on Saturday it was WARM.  John did not like it all. He kept saying "it doesn't feel like's not right". 

I see his point, but liked it ; ) 

But alas, the good times didn't last and now we are back to the real January.  Cold and frosty. 

And I guess that's ok too....for now.  We've gotten a little hint of what's to come.  

In time. 

I did some cleaning over the weekend while the fresh air was wafting through the house and sleeping that night was very nice. 

I like to think all the dust escaped out the window.... let's hope! LOL

I put most of my Christmas decorations away but I wasn't ready to let this snowman pillow go. 

Not yet.  

It's still seems so dark all the time so when there's light I celebrate (by taking it's picture : ) 

The current state of my dresser. 

I need to rearrange a few things here but I'm not sure what to do.  For now I just neatened it up.  

Now I'm in my happy place.

Breakfast of egg sandwiches on the couch. 

Yup, happy place  ;) 

I am looking forward to decorating for Valentines Day. 

Last year I got the cutest heart garland at Target that hung on my hutch. 

It's coming out soon! 

For now it's still winter.  

Although I did put out a heart table runner. 

(you can catch a glimpse of it here : ) 

My friend Julie introduced me to Barry's Irish Tea.  Have you tried it? 

It's delightful is the only way I can describe it.  I like it with a little milk & sugar. 

It's become a daily ritual for me 

In other news I am loving my electric kettle! I wonder how I ever got along without one. 

It's my new favorite thing ever. 

Cozy blankets are still a must on the couch. 

As are candles...always.

This is a Christmas votive but I love the little winter scene so I keep it out until spring! 

And when I feel like being fancy I buy myself brie and Carr's table water crackers for a snack with tea (I love the cracked pepper ones!).  

So goooood~! 

 Out our back porch we can see the river.  Sometimes it's frozen and sometimes on nice days when the tide is up we see (and hear)  happy little ducks swimming around ♥  

So that's January! But.....there's one more thing...

My mom is home from the hospital!!!  After almost 2 months away she is home, in her own bed, and loving every minute of it.  

Thank you everyone who has been thinking about us and checking in with me. 
I appreciate all of you! 

Happy January, friends! Stay cozy! xo


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