Monday, January 27, 2020

Valentine's Day Series: Heart Shaped Things ♥

Hello Friends! 

I hope you all had a happy weekend!  Mine was quite uneventful.  I spend a good part of the weekend indoors, putter around in my PJ's, brainstorming with John about what to do for his science project this year. This went on all day Saturday, all day Sunday, and into Sunday evening.  Stressful.  He finally decided on an idea which I'm not exactly sure how we are going to execute so the next few months should be interesting (insert eye rolling emoji here). Yup.  7th grade science is fun! 

Anyway.....aside from all that I did manage to pull out my Valentine's Day decorations and scatter them around.  It's a joy to be able to decorate with pink & red hearts AND the boys in the house can't complain  :) 

It's a holiday after all.

Hearts are everywhere 

Even on our table!  Heart shaped food is so cute, don't you agree? 

I had a some strawberries in the fridge, which I was supposed to make smoothies with...oops.  Instead I turned them into mini strawberry pies, sweetened with a little bit of sugar and a sprinkle of cornstarch to thicken.  

They were delightful and reminded me sweet days of spring are coming! (someday : ) 

Afternoon tea in my Lucy mug 

More hearts. 

And more hearts.  

A bouquet of hearts on the table. 

They leave sparkles everywhere and I kind of like it : ) 

A leftover heart tucked into a plant.  

 My hutch is ready to hang Valentines 

Will Rob notice this one?  

 Hugs & Kisses XO 

Susan Branch's LOVE book is a favorite of mine 

And lastly, I couldn't resist using these heart pans once again. 

This time for brownies. 

I messed up the baking time on these, leaving the middle slightly undercooked.  No problem.  I passed them off as lava cakes and they were a hit with Rob & John.  Who can resist melty, oozy, chocolate? Clearly not us 

Happy Monday Friends! Hope you have a great day! 

Thanks for visiting! 

PS In case some of you don't know I have a YOUTUBE channel.  I'm trying to figure out how to get a link here on my side bar, but until then you can visit me by clicking this link (here).
I'm trying to post weekly-ish videos so stop on over if you want to see me be really cringy on camera : )  Thank you, thank you! xoxox


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