Monday, June 14, 2021

Random Photo Monday : )

 Good Morning Friends & happy Monday! I hope you all had a nice weekend!

 I had a rather hectic week last week on account of I dropped my phone and shattered the screen!! I watched it happen in slow motion and there was nothing I could do to stop it (you know the feeling!).  I wasn't as upset about the phone breaking as I was about the dread of  having to spend an afternoon at the phone store replacing it! UGH.

Isn't it amazing how attached we are to our phones?  I'm aware that's not always a good thing, but I admit to it.  It wasn't two days before I was in the store purchasing a new one.  I took John with me for moral support : ) With a few deep breaths and some patience it was done and I was back in business with a new phone.  Yay!  After, we walked next store to the frozen yogurt bar and treated ourselves.

This was the first photo I took with my new phone : )  

I spent the rest of the week figuring out how to use it! I was smart this time and had recorded all my passwords and logins beforehand.  A mistake I will NEVER make again.  

As crazy as it sounds after I got my new phone up and running I felt I could get on with my life : ) 

On Friday night we were invited back to John's school for an outdoor banquet/celebration.  The school hosted a dinner and awards ceremony for the 8th grade graduates.  There was a "through the years" slide show presentation that I will admit got me teary. After that, the parents left and kids were treated to movie under the stars. 


It was fun night and we were able to say one last goodbye to the school, teachers, and friends. 

And just like that it was done.  Saturday morning and back to our normal routine.  Luckily the heat wave broke the weather had turned beautiful.  I caught up on errands and cleaned my little house on Sunday.  I watered my plants, changed my bedding, lit new candles, and baked cookies. I feel caught up and ready to start a new week.  We even made time for a short walk, which I was able to capture with my new, un-shattered phone!  

Have a happy day friends!  

It's time for me to pour another coffee and get some work done.  The windows are open and I'm feeling pretty good for a Monday morning.  Let's hope the feeling lasts! 

Byeeeee xoxo 

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