Wednesday, August 25, 2021

And so it begins... ♥

Hello Friends 

On Sunday as we patiently waited for Henri to arrive (which thankfully seemed to miss us!), I was a busy bee at home cleaning and bringing out fall.  Yes it's still summer. Yes it's still 90 degrees and humid, but in my heart it's time to turn that page.  John starts school in a week and I needed to have the house in back to school mode. I can't even think about school if it's still summer.  
I'm sure all my fall obsessed friends understand : ) 

Anyway, up in the attic I went which was easily hotter than the equator! UGH.  I lugged down the bins and off I went.  Not everything came out but enough to give us a nice fall vibe in here.  

I'm so ready for this! 


One week until high school begins! Eeeeek! 


I'm dreaming about cold dark morning drinking my steamy coffee under the glow of these fairly lights. 

Frosted windows with leaves blowing past....I can't wait for the glow of the colors to shine through.  

It's coming....(this pic is from last year... my view was so pretty : ) 

And about all the cozy dark nights to come under blankets while candles flicker.  

Watching movies and making Christmas lists.  Happy, happy! 

Comfort food like pot roast and chicken pot pies, with apple crisp or bread pudding baking in the oven. 
This year I'm planning on making homemade applesauce as soon as apple harvest begins : ) 

Not yet...but soon! 

It wouldn't be the kick off to fall without a pumpkin donut from Dunkin Donuts.  

My all time favorite.  YUM!

As for today, I have sweet & sour chicken bubbling in the crock pot and John and I are off to a movie.  He's holding on to every last minute of summer vacation! 

Happy Wednesday friends!  Are you ready for fall??

Ready or not it will be here soon! xoxo 

**this is me....hahah!**

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  1. Happy Back-to-School! Wishing your son a beautiful start in high school!