Tuesday, August 17, 2021

John is 14! ♥

Yesterday my little boy turned 14 

It's hard for me to believe he's growing up so fast!!  Anyone that knows John knows he loves music, The Office, and being with family.  

Here are a few more things about John at 14:

he loves long car rides

he drinks coffee now! eeek! 

he starts high school in two weeks

he is kind to everyone he meets

his new favorite food is seafood (just like me!)

Dunkin Donuts is his second home : ) 

he loves shopping

he has an infectious laugh (especially when watching The Office)

thanks to Rob he has discovered classic rock (i.e. ACDC, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, etc..)

his visit to the Rock & Roll Hall of Face this summer was a one of his favorite days ever 

he still plays drums and is looking forward to the high school band

he loves sleeping and has turned into a late sleeper

he loves New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, the beach, and still loves Disney (yay!)

It's been a big year for John.  He graduated 8th grade and has left a school he's been at since preschool.  New adventures begin in September.  We are so proud of his positive attitude.  

He's much more laid back than I am! LOL 


Nothing makes me happier than to see this boy smile! 

Happy Birthday John! Now please stop growing up so fast!!! 

At age 7.  Feels like yesterday. 

Have a happy day friends! Enjoy the little moments.  They go by fast.....

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  1. Happy birthday my sweet grandson. I hope you get everything in life that you want. I love hearing the drums (even if it wakes me up). I love hearing the guitar! And I love hearing you laugh. I love you!