Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Merry Christmas in July! ♥

We escaped the heat wave today (in our minds : ) and had a very Christmassy afternoon.  

This is something John and I started when he was very little.  Although it's not as big of a deal anymore as he's gotten older we haven't abandoned the tradition completely.  And thankfully, we don't want to.

A lot of fun can be had with some Christmas music and cookie decorating.  We laughed the cookies didn't end up coming out very Christmassy, but hey....we tried! 

All it took was a bag of Pillsbury sugar cookie mix, some frosting & sprinkles, and of course music!  
I dug out a Christmas candle and some holiday mugs to set the mood. 

All of a sudden it felt like the holiday season 


And then.....

 John was in a Christmas play when he was in the third grade called Toys, the Night They Came Alive. He played puppet #4. (what a performance btw!! : ) 

 We have a DVD copy and I LOVE to watch it at Christmas time and reminisce.  I remember that Christmas season as a very special and happy one.  We watched that DVD today and had all the feels that go with it.  

It was a festive and fun afternoon and a perfect way to escape the summer heat!    

Happy Wednesday, Friends! xoxo 

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  1. Oh!!!! I want to be there!!!! I missed it this year. I am slipping! John was such a cutie!!!!! Miss you all!