Friday, March 31, 2023

Love the Simple Things ♥

Hello Lovely Friends and happy last day of March! 

I ran to the grocery store this morning to pick up a few things for our big dinner on Sunday and I couldn't resist these darling pink carnations.  Some people see carnations just as a filler flower.  Not me.  They are my favorite.  And at $5 a bunch I am the happiest I've been all week with these pretty blooms scattered around the house. : ) 

Who couldn't smile at this?  I can't wait for Rob to get home.  He will humor me and not be as excited as I am,  but he will appreciate it.  Work days are long and hard and it's nice to have a cozy and cheery place to hang your hat at night.  We are blessed. 

It's the simplest things that make me the most happy.  It truly is.  

 Tomorrow I'll start prepping for Sunday.  I'm making a banana cream pie (John's request!) and coconut macaroons.  I haven't had either of those things in a very long time, so I'm excited.  I plan to put on some vintage music and my prettiest apron and spend a good couple of hours in the kitchen.  My happy place.  I'll share pictures and recipes with you next week! 

My aunt is coming down to join us and my parents for dinner.  I'll be with Rob's family on Easter Sunday so this is our "holiday" supper.  My parents are joining my sister on that day.  Everyone makes the effort to see each other and that's all that really matters.  Personally, I like to stretch out holidays as much as possible so it's all good with me. 

 It's hard to believe Easter is a week from Sunday! The Cadbury chocolate eggs are in the house! I've opened the bag.  It's happening : ) 


Before I sign off for today I want to share with you two things I discovered this week:

1. Greek yogurt with slivered almonds and dark chocolate makes a delicious snack! 
(seriously omg, this was really good!)

And 2.  Have you ever tried this? 

If not, you must.  That's all I say.  

I'm having a cup now and it's DIVINE!!!! 

Not to be dramatic (me...never!) but it's moments like this that make me grateful to be a coffee drinker! 

Have a great weekend, my friends! Stay cozy and enjoy the simple things 



  1. I love the pink carnations! And…you have an upright typewriter!! That is how we learned to type in the “Dark Ages.” We like Maxwell House coffee, and I’ve also enjoyed those International blends in the past. It sounds like a very good weekend ahead! Enjoy!!

  2. Enjoy your Sunday dinner with family! I can't wait to see your recipes. Have a great weekend!

  3. Lovely carnations. A great way to brighten up you space and put a smile on your face.