Friday, March 10, 2023

Ordinary Friday ♥

Hello Friends! Happy Friday! 

The week has gotten away from me and now here we are.  I was just sitting in my cozy spot here trying to get motivated to start the day.  It's super bright today which is nice because the sun is shining in through the windows and is lifting my mood - as if I needed help on a FRIDAY! 

  Can you believe this weekend is daylight savings?  We'll lose an hour of sleep (after a few days of adjusting:) but it will be worth it. 

 I can feel the shift coming. Can you? 


I gave myself a refill (with whip cream - a TGIF treat : )   

Today is an ordinary Friday.  

My favorite kind 

I'm waiting for this Christmas cactus to bloom.  I have no idea when : ) 

New candle for Spring I picked up yesterday. 

 I love lemons! 

A puzzle I've been wanting to do since Christmas.  Soon! I just have to figure out a spot to do it in because I'm sure it will take more than one sitting! LOL 

Ready for St. Patrick's day! 

One week from today! 

My kitchen is small but I try to make it as cozy as possible

I'm going to make a strawberry salad dressing out of these.  I'll let you know how it turns out! 

It sure does! : ) 

This little plant stand was once a CD tower.  Remember those???  

Seeing all the green is so pleasing.  I like it better than CD's.  

My ordinary Friday will consist of working, more coffee consumption, a breakfast dinner (don't knock it till you try it : ) and a family movie night.  John's pick! He's trying to see all the best picture nominees before the Oscars on Sunday.  I think he only has 3 left! 

I would like to make an Irish bread today as well, so we can snack on it this weekend! 

Thanks for popping by and visiting me on an ordinary Friday.  

Have a wonderful and cozy weekend! 



  1. I am waiting to see how your strawberry salad dressing turns out. I love strawberries so may want to try it.

  2. I'm with you about coffee love - and feeling the shift in daylight. yay! ☀️ Enjoy your ordinary Friday. xo

  3. Ordinary is wonderful! Have a great weekend! I'm sure we will be texting!

  4. I think I would like a dressing that included strawberries! Breakfast for dinner sounds like a great plan! You are having good luck with your plants. I’m not good at keeping green plants thriving. I may be one of the rare ones who prefers Standard Time. I like daylight in the mornings. It helps me start the day at a reasonable hour. Enjoy your movie night!