Monday, June 12, 2023

Scenes from a Weekend ♥

Hello Friends! Happy Monday! 

I hope you all had a nice weekend.  We are moving slowly over here, but there is progress. Rob is feeling better but still quite sore so I'm afraid we'll be housebound for a few weeks.  He has been getting up and taking short walks like the doctor suggested and I can tell over the past few days that's it's getting easier, little by little.  His appetite is increasing and I think his body is finally starting to take care of itself. All in good time I guess, we just have to be patient (not a quality any of us is good at! : ).  Thank you for all your sweet messages of encouragement and concern.  It really means a lot to me! 

Anywhoo, we kept busy this weekend by watching TV and movies.  My favorite was yesterday when John suggested we put on Back to the Future, because it's one of Rob's favorites.  I forgot how much I love that movie!  It's so fun and put smiles on all our faces.  In between TV viewing I managed to tidy the house, bake cookies, did a puzzle, played card games, sat outside for a bit to enjoy the nice weather, started a new book, made marinara sauce, tried a new chicken recipe, caught up on some work, and enjoyed copious amounts of lemon water, coffee, and ice cream.  

You know, the usual! 

Oatmeal raison, a family favorite!  


We slept in...and it was nice 

The beginning.... 

I'm nowhere near the end! 

 A break in the day helps and heals 

Making marinara sauce is one of my favorite things to do!

I'm also excited to use fresh herbs from my herb basket 

Lemon and a sprig of mint is encouraging me to drink more water 

I got this from a friend and it's been sitting on my nightstand for a month.  

I like it so far! 

It was a gorgeous weekend with sunshine 

...and one thunderstorm (which I wasn't mad at!).

Games for fun and to pass the time 

Baked garlic chicken with zucchini! 


Catching up on work in my little home office.  

I'm crazy about this month's screen saver 

And this because it's basically summer!  

Happy new week friends!  Wishing you all a good one!! Xx 


  1. You were quite busy! I sure hope that hubby continues to heal. My fav pic on your post was that yummy marinara sauce and basil. Hugs.

  2. I love all of your ways of spending your down time! Puzzles, games, coffee, ice cream, outdoors. All the best ways of being together :)

  3. I am so happy to hear Rob is doing better and being smart about taking the time he needs. I was recently in the ER (posted about it earlier this week) and they were trying to rule out things and turns out I have a bruised rib! Not sure how I got it - but I know I often overdo in daily life, but keeping "doing" because it's who I am. Lol But sometimes God has to hit me over the head to tell me to chill out. So I think I'm slowly learning my lesson and that I'm not 25 anymore. Sigh.
    Looks like you're making the best of this slow down time and being in the moment. That's what I'm working to do more of here too. Prayers for continued healing and a beautiful summer ahead! xoxo

  4. so glad that life is going back to normal slowly but steadily!

  5. Trying to catch up on blog reading and seen post about your hubby! I know it had to be scary for you. Prayers for you both.

  6. I am so glad he is feeling better! That marinara looks amazing!!!
    Happy Summer to you!