Thursday, July 27, 2017

Life update ♥

Hello Friends! 

I’ve been absent from my blog for over a week now and I wanted to explain what I’ve been up to.  Big changes around here!  I’ve been wanting to share this with you for a while now and I guess now is the time.  I’m moving!  Not from this blog (don’t worry : ) but I’m moving houses.  I’m staying in the same state, same town, just going a few minutes down the road.  We’ve made a family decision to convert my parent’s house (the house I grew up in) into a two family home and move in with them.  What this basically means is that I’m moving back home.  My parent’s house is quite big for just the two of them and they basically live on one level, which leaves TONS of room on the second floor.  Rob and John and I will make our home there.  We’ll have a living room, kitchen area with a pantry, two bedrooms and two full bathrooms.  There is also a finished basement for John to have his playroom.  I’ll be taking all my furniture with me and luckily will be able to not only fit everything but set up the rooms pretty much exactly how they are now.  I cannot tell you how excited we are.  It’s something we’ve talked about for years and now it’s finally happening. 

It's a strange thing to see a for sale sign in front of your house....:) 

It’s been a stressful month.  I’ve never sold a house before and I’ve only moved once.  From here to there.  And now I’m moving from here….back to there. Are you following me? Good.  Anyway, to make a long story short, our house was on the market for two weeks.  We had two open houses, and on Sunday two offers came in.  We accepted the second one.  So that’s that.  The closing is the beginning of September, so for the next month I’ll bouncing in between houses – cleaning, packing, organizing, moving, etc.   

I’m not going to say I’m not sad about leaving my house.  We’ve lived here for almost 19 years.  I’ve loved every day in that house and I have shed a few tears this week. But I know it’s time to move on and do what’s best.  Rob always says there is strength in numbers.  I feel that this is a perfect example of this and I’m looking forward to making a new nest in my new/old home.  We’ve plastered and painted and Rob put down shiny hardwood floors.  I’m excited to share pictures with you soon!

By the way, in case you were wondering  John is beyond excited for this move!  He’s there every day as it is and basically lives there now! The only difference is that now he can sleep over….every night! I’m looking forward to having coffee with my Dad in the morning and spending quiet afternoons with my mom while John is at school.  I will have more folks to cook for and try my recipes (which I can’t wait for!).  And the best part is we get to have two Christmas trees….one upstairs and one downstairs.   That’s how my mind works.

However, through all the chaos and confusion – dealing with realtors and painters (thank GOD Rob does most of that)…. summer rolls on.  I quietly celebrated my birthday this week (43!!!!)  and John and I celebrated Christmas in July. I will share some pictures on this blog soon!  I still have a whole list of things we have planned for August and I am trying not to let this move disrupt John’s summer too much.  He turns 10 on August 16th.  Double digits!!!!  He asked me if we could have his birthday party at the house, as it will be our last big party there.  I said of course.  I just booked the bouncy house today.  The party is on Saturday August 12th .  We have a lot of water balloons to fill.  We are also going to New Hampshire next weekend with Rob’s family.  Every summer we rent a big house and spend two nights in North Conway.  There is almost 20 of us going!! It’s a lot of fun!  I think a getaway will be good for us. 

I’ll continue to do my deep breathing exercises and try not to stress about things too much.  It’s hard for me because I am not a person who enjoys change.  And I hate having too many things going on at once.  I like it boring.  I’ll get there.  I keep thinking about Fall.  I can’t wait to put a pumpkin in front of my door, go apple picking, and take long walks around my parent’s neighborhood.  It’s much bigger than mine now and perfect for walking.  I can almost smell the wood burning stoves on the street.  When all the smoke clears, life will be good.  And I’ll be back to baking real soon.  Just in time for the beginning of school and sweater weather.  

I’ll keep you all posted! 

My new/old home.  Our door will be the one on the left ♥ 


  1. This is amazing news. Cherish every single second with your parents♥️

  2. Oh my goodness! Congratulations, Danielle! I can see how moving into your parents home makes a lot of sense! I'm so happy for you! You can tell from the picture, your new home is big and beautiful. Now you can enjoy that backyard view every day,and the crackling fireplace in the winter. Good luck with the move. xoxo

  3. Ok.
    I read this yesterday??? and am now just commenting.
    But...HOW WONDERFUL!!!!
    I am beyond happy for you!
    And your old/new home??? BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  4. Oh, wow! I understand all the mixed emotions with a move. We moved into our home last December, and sometimes, I still feel like we are still settling. Your home is beautiful! And your new home is gorgeous, too!
    Happy Thursday. :)

  5. How exciting! and bittersweet I am sure. But how blessed are you (not to mention your John) to live and interact with your parents daily. happy belated Birthday.