Sunday, September 17, 2017

A few photos from the week ♥

One of my favorite things about living in this house is the back deck.  Coffee with a view.  A nice way to start the day. 

Hello Friends! It's Sunday afternoon and I'm currently sitting on my bedroom floor.  I just hooked up my computer and I'm not sure where to put it. I'm still scrambling a little bit trying to find places for things. 
We gave our computer desk to John for his room so for now I'm cozy on the floor : ) 
It's been a week of transitions for me.  I got some very disappointing news at work this week and I have to keep reminding myself that life doesn't always go as I hope it would.  I needed a walk to clear my head and shake things off.  This is my favorite spot to take a breath....

Believe it or not this lovely place is right behind my office building!  It's where I go on my breaks when I need to escape corporate life.  For some reason there is never anyone else here.  I feel like it's my secret space ~

Back at home, the nesting continues..... :)

I hung my favorite autumn wreath. It used to hang on my front door.  Now its in my kitchen. 

I have lots of windows and I'm loving the sunlight that comes in every morning. 

Monday night we celebrated my sister's birthday. Happy Birthday Laurie! xo

John and I have been going for walks after dinner.  My parent's neighborhood is a lot bigger than our old one and it's perfect for walking.  And even though its still hot during the day the nights are cooler.  It got that first hint of "burning wood smell" it the air the other night. 
It's a sure sign of Fall!

Sending good thoughts for a positive week ahead! 
(Now I'm off to find a place for this computer. Time to get off the floor : )
Bye xo


  1. Sweet friend,
    Your home looks so very cozy!
    And I hope that everything is ok at work.
    I will text. : )

  2. Hi there. I found your blog while trying to google my own. Our kids are only a couple mo the apart. Your decor is very soothing. Have a great autumn.

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