Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Teapots ♥

Did you know that I collect teapots?  Neither did I.  Until I moved.
When you move you are faced with the reality of having everything you own placed in front of you and you have to make a decision...keep it or toss it.
I was amazed at some of the things I found during this process. For example: I must really love cinnamon sticks because in my spice cabinet I found at least 5 jars of them (really???). And what does one do with cinnamon sticks anyway? Aside from putting them in hot cider I can't think of a thing.  Thank heavens we are entering cider season : )  
Back to teapots....Yes I love them. I mean, who doesn't love a beautiful teapot.  I guess  I didn't realize just how much I've loved them over the years.  And even though my space is now limited I kept every single one.  Some are in my china cabinet, some on shelves, and some tucked away in a cabinet or in the attic. I'll probably never use them, but I couldn't part with them.  
Here's a few of my favorites:
I found this little cutie wrapped up in a box in my attic! How could I have done such a thing?!  I have no recollection where I got it.  I don't remember it from my childhood so I must have picked it up at a garage sale or antique store.  I love anything with strawberries on it so I'm not surprised that I had it. 
It's now front and center in my kitchen ♥
This teapot on the other hand I know very well.  I've know this piece my whole life.  It belonged to my grandmother, my Dad's mom who passed away before I was born.  My mother used to have it in a china cabinet in our living room.  They kept little papers and loose change in it. 
I always loved the blue color on it.
One day my parents gave it me and I was so happy! 
It got this one as a shower gift.  It matches my Phaltzgraff dishes.  The pattern is Grapevine. 
I love it's chubby shape!

One day my Dad came over to my house and said "I've got something for you".  He gave me this teapot with the fruit on it and a large tin of different teas (I still have the tin too : ).  It wasn't my birthday and I hadn't done anything to deserve it.  He just gave it to me because he thought I might like it. 
He was right ♥
Now these two pots are very special. They came to me all the way from Italy. 
Rob has a lot of family still living there and when we got married they had these sent over to me. 
The short one is for tea and came with a set of tea cups and the tall one is for coffee and came with a set of demitasse cups. 

I have a sugar and creamer for each set as well.  Aren't they beautiful?

The pattern is similar to my china pattern so they compliment each other well.  Rob always jokes with me that I have all these "fancy things" but don't use them, so what's the point?
Someday I tell him.  I will. Someday ♥
And just because my mother knows me so well, a few years ago she made me this little fabric teapot. 
How cute is this?
She even added the teapot charm! And a kitty...♥
So there you have it.  My teapot collection.  And now I'm off to make some tea.....maybe with a cinnamon stick in it???
Because of course, I kept all those too!
Happy tea time! xo

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  1. I did not now this fact about you!
    But I am not surprised!!!
    I love your collection, and the memories behind each one.
    Did you know Madison collects Disney teapots??
    I will tell her to do a post!
    Happy Wednesday!