Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Random October ♥

Hello Friends!
How is your October so far? It finally feels like Fall around here and I couldn't be happier!
 We were having little spurts of heat here and there that made some days feel like August.  
For the past week it's been cool and frosty and I'm wearing my boots. No turning back now.  I'm just waiting for the day I can dig out my infinity scarf. 
Once I put that thing on I don't take it off until March! 

I've been waking up extra early lately.  I'm not sure why.  Usually this time of year when the house is chilly it's more difficult to drag myself out of my warm bed.  I think maybe it's because I'm in a different place now.   The seasons are changing like they always do, but it's a new experience for me this year. 
Everyday is a discovery ♥

I hear different sounds now.  I hear birds and animals from the woods in the backyard.  I can hear squirrels and chipmunks and deer, and footsteps of I'm not sure what....but in my mind all the animals are cute Disney-like creatures that only want to love me.  That was not the case Saturday morning when John and I found a mouse in the basement!  He must have wandered in when someone left the garage door open.  He was gray with a long tail and not very Disney-like. Although in his or her defense I did not stick around long enough to get a good look.  Nope!  I screamed and ran up the stairs so fast I'm surprised I didn't leave a trail of rubber!  John was my protector until we got Rob, who chased it around the room with his hockey stick and saved the day.

I enjoy creatures from afar....but not inside the house.  Maybe we should get a cat : ) 

Speaking of cats (and dogs), this neighborhood  has tons of dog walkers.  There are at least 5 people I see from my window, passing by walking dogs in the morning from 5 -6 am.  Everyday. 
I'm getting used to their routines.  I enjoy seeing the familiar faces.  Some of the dogs are so cute!

See what I mean about different experiences.  It's all good though.  I have my coffee, a view, new neighbors, and a hockey stick.
Life is good ♥
Anywaaay, here are a few things that made me happy this week....

On Saturday we went to our town's annual pumpkin fest!  It was a fun day....until it started raining.  Glad we got to pick our pumpkin first! 

And John got to meet Sponge Bob, which was quite thrilling (for him : )

I love that he still gets excited about things like this.  I'll be sad when this phase passes.  

Sunday we got up and out for a little shopping.

How beautiful are these pumpkin displays?! 

I made my first chicken pot pie of the season. 

It was so good! I had the last piece for lunch today.  I really enjoy a hot lunch this time of year.

I also dusted off my bread machine and made French bread.  Am I the only one who still uses a bread machine?  It's so wonderful to have fresh, warm bread with dinner!  And the machine does all the work! It's a win win! 

(I think I could live on bread alone....just sayin')

I made a second loaf on Monday with this recipe for Susan Branch's bread & butter pudding in mind....

I left work early today to pick John up at school.  I made the pudding while he did his homework. 

It was the perfect day for it!

Cold and windy and I was freezing.   

The secret to this recipe is you butter the bread. Yes. Butter the bread. 

That combined with the yummy custard mixture of milk, cream, eggs, and vanilla....makes for heaven on Earth. 

Are you feeling better yet?
I was. 

In 40 minutes you will have "cozy in a bowl".  Serve warm with whip cream.  

Seriously, this was my dinner.  And I'm not even sorry.  

Actually, I'm thinking of going back for just one more bite before I go to bed. 

You do that too, right? 

Of course you do! ♥

And just a little while ago Rob reminded me that Halloween is two weeks from tonight!!

It's almost here!


Tomorrow I'm off to the doctors for my annual mammogram. 

Not my favorite thing, but absolutely necessary ♥

I'll feel relieved when it's over! 

Happy random October, friends! What's new with you?




  1. Hello Sweet Friend...
    Can I just say...
    I want to be your neighbor!
    Your festivities for fall are amazing!!!
    Although, I may have to reconsider if walking my dog at 5 A.M. is a requirement!!!
    But that chicken pot pie may make up for it! LOL
    Hugs from one October lover to another.
    Your son is as cute as ever...
    Good lock with your mammogram.
    Keep in touch!!!

  2. We did it again!!!
    We were commenting at the same time!!!
    And...I would love the recipe for the pot pie. please!!

  3. Happy October, Danielle!

    I hope all went well at your mammogram appointment. Now that I have turned 40, I guess I should be getting one done soon? I will have to ask my doctor next time I visit. I'm so afraid of mice! It's probably my biggest fear in the whole wide world! Why can't they be as sweet as they look in the Disney films? Haha! Those pumpkin displays are gorgeous! I can hardly believe Halloween is less than 2 weeks ago. The season is flying by! Big love...

  4. He looks so cute posing for the fall picture!
    Also, I LOVE bread pudding. Mmmmm....
    Loved this cozy and fun post. :)

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