Monday, October 2, 2017

Why I love October ♥

Hello Friends! Welcome to the first week of October!  My favorite month ♥
For me, the best part about living in my part of the country is I get to experience the four seasons.  As much as I love summer I don't think I would want it all year.  A little at a time and then on to the next.  And as much as I love them all, the beauty of spring, the Christmas season in winter, and the carefree days of summer - the one that holds the most special place in my heart is Autumn. Specifically October.
Why October?  Now aside from pumpkin spice everything.... (insert thumbs up emoji here!) I adore the smell of burning leaves in the air.  Its the first tell-tale sign that October is here! I got my first whiff the other night and it was glorious.  It's dark now by 7 pm and that wonderful smoky air just drifts along....telling me someone has a fire in their wood stove.  How cozy. 
October also brings Halloween!  John's been planning his Halloween costume for months.  Soon we'll have candy in the house.  I've been holding off as long as I can, but now that it's officially October I won't feel as guilty!  
(an oldie but one of my favorites : )
Crunchy leaves, apple picking, warm cardigans, and Yankee Candles are all wrapped up in this lovely month.  I have a pumpkin spice candle burning right beside me as I type this post.  The air outside is cool, but the sun's out so I can still feel warmth on my face.  We don't need the heat on just yet, but an extra blanket on the bed at night is a must. And I don't mind one bit.
The mornings are dark and chilly so my first sip of coffee tastes that much better.  It warms my body going down. My afternoon tea feels that much sweeter.  And how about a nice piece of apple pie for dessert?  Yes please.  October means comfort food, like chicken pot pie! I'm craving it.  And a savory pot roast in the crock pot.  Chili and cornbread are also on my mind. Can you tell I'm meal planning for this week!   
I live for comfort food!
October is also my anniversary month! Rob and I will be married 19 years on the 11th.  I think back to the time of my wedding and how pretty it was.  It actually rained on my wedding day and  remember leaves blowing around just as you would envision them on a rainy, chilly October day.  We went on our honeymoon in Disney World.  That trip in October 1998 renewed my love for Disney (as an adult).  We had so much fun!!! (I wrote a post about it here)
(oh hello legs I once had...I miss you : )
I could go on and on but I think you get the idea! 
Happy October, my dear friends! I do hope you enjoy this lovely month! ♥♥♥


  1. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this post!
    But I think you already know, right???
    Everything you mentioned is exactly why I share your love of October...
    Love that picture of your Vampire boy!!!!!
    Why can't we run over to each other's house with coffee and pie???
    Happy October, sweet friend.

  2. October is a special month indeed. It's in my top 3 list of favorite months of the year. because of course, I can't pick just one! Happy belated wedding anniversary to you and Rob. 19 years! Wow! Next year will be a special one for sure! So much to celebrate this month. xoxo