Friday, April 6, 2018

Weekly wrap up ♥

Hello Everyone! 
How was your week? I hope you enjoyed a nice Easter!  Mine was busy but very good!  We were on the go all day and I think that's why I was so tired this week.  Everyone should have the day after a holiday off, don't you agree?  I feel like I'm still recovering : )
This was one of those lovely weeks where nothing much really happened.  I didn't bake or cook anything special.  I didn't go anywhere exciting.  I didn't buy a new outfit or a new lipstick.  I didn't blog about anything. John didn't do anything particularly special in school.  We had easy dinners, ate a lot of candy, went to bed early, and basically loafed around.  It's my favorite kind of week and I loved it ♥
Did you see the full "blue" moon on Saturday night?
Here she is hovering above my neighbors house.  It was freezing out but I was determined to get a picture.  So far I'm 3 for 3 this year. I'm trying to get a collection of all 12 for the entire year ♥
Easter treats on Sunday morning from a certain bunny!
Eggs & candy for breakfast : )

And then it was off to a beautiful mass followed by dinner with my family and dessert with my in laws.

We can't resist a good snapchat filter! LOL
The beginning of the week brought snow! Ahhhh!
Luckily it didn't really stick, but man it's cold! 
On Friday I met my best friend Jen (who I've known since 1st grade!!!) for coffee and it was so awesome to catch up!  She lives in Ohio now and was home visiting family for the weekend. 
We had the best chat ♥
(PS if anyone ever comes to visit me I'm taking you here.  I love this coffee shop!)
And...she gave me this book to read!  It combines two of my favorite things - dreams of Paris & cooking! She knows me well.  It has recipes included. I can't wait to make the chocolate mousse ♥
I can't make it yet though because we still have so many sweets in the house.  
 I've been "rewarding" myself with afternoon treats! : )
I updated my screen saver at work. 
This is from our last Disney trip in 2016 ♥
It reminds me of warm weather, because.....
And there you have it.  My real, unexciting, life! LOL
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend with your peeps! 
 (I'll let you know if anything exciting happens ; )


  1. The book looks like so much fun! I love the cover already and I aodre your sweet banner. Happy Friday!

  2. Those are some of the best weeks, my friend!
    Loved your Easter!
    Have a cozy weekend! : )

  3. The recipe for the madeleines from David Lebovitz's book is wonderful! I made them several times and can highly recommend. I'm so glad you enjoyed a relaxing week, and a lovely catch-up with your best friend. xoxo

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