Friday, April 13, 2018

Weekly wrap up ♥

Hello Friends! Happy Friday!

They seem to come faster every week, don't they?  I hope you had a fun and productive week.  Mine was good.  School and work kept us very busy, but I managed to sneak in a few little treats for myself.  I'm enjoying my new book The Sweet Life in Paris very much!!!  I read a little every night and every night I go to bed hungry, dreaming of Paris and chocolate mousse! Not a bad way to fall asleep, right? 

The weather has been unpredictable.  One minute we have freezing rain and I'm in my winter woollies, and the next day we are teased with sunshine and sixty degree goodness!  I guess that's just the norm these days.  You never know what to expect! I'm not putting my winter clothes away just yet ♥

Anyway, here are a few random snaps of my week....

Even though it doesn't feel like spring,  we are pretending ♥

I replaced my heavy runners with lace doilies.  

Also, all plants are doing well.  I haven't managed to kill any yet : )  I found out the reason for the brown tips on leaves was due to over watering and poor drainage.  I'm learning new things every day! 

I got a new runner for the kitchen.  I never thought of putting this type of rug in this spot. 
 I really like it ♥ 
 (Yes I still have Christmas twinkle lights around the window. I can't bring myself to take them down. We are using them as a nightlight )

In other exciting news... I  picked up a new  lamp for the hallway.  Only $5!   I love a bargain!

Lemons in a wood bowl, says spring to me!

As does this little rosebud ♥♥♥

In the beauty department, there are two products that I'm currently loving.  

The first is L'Oreal Paris Wrinkle Expert day/night cream.  I always have good luck with L'Oreal products so I wanted to give this moisturizer a try.  It's very hydrating and feels super smooth on my skin. 
It's nice and light and I love it for spring!

Also, the Revitalift eye cream is working wonders these days. 

I'm getting my money's worth out of this one ♥

I'm enjoying the early morning light in the house.  Makes me long for summer days.  
Soon enough....♥

Meanwhile, at the office....

Coffee and working hard as usual.

*Note the cardigan :)


And then there's  this....

Literally me every night.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends! Tomorrow I'm getting a much needed cut and color! Yay! 
  The grays are seriously taking over! Eeek! 

The weather might be nice on Sunday (but really, who knows these days) so maybe a walk and a little outdoor time.  Fresh air sounds wonderful about now. We'll see! 

Enjoy! xo 


  1. Hahaha, that last comic graphic made me giggle. ;)

    I LOVE your runner rug! So pretty.

    Happy Friday!

  2. Love the little bits of spring inside your home! <3 Have a great weekend!

    Madison | Breakfast at Madison’s

  3. Thank you for sharing your latest skin care finds. I'm looking for a good moisturizer containing SPF as well for summer. I'm going to look into the L'oreal one. :)

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