Monday, April 22, 2019

Easter 2019 ♥

Hello Friends! 

Well it's Monday and another Easter Sunday has come and gone. 

It was a beautiful weekend and we certainly enjoyed it! 

On Friday John and I colored eggs.  Well, he did most of the work. 

I was in charge of cleaning up (as usual).

He did a great job! 

Easter morning started with a hearty breakfast! 

The Easter Bunny came bearing treats!  ♥ 

Can you tell he's a bit excited for Toy Story 4 this summer?!  

I am too! 

We had dinner at my in laws.

My mother in law sets a beautiful table!  

Her egg tree was the inspiration for mine! : ) 

Pretty colors everywhere! 

And traditions!

Chocolate eggs and special china 

My niece painted this egg dish! I think it's adorable! 

Dinner was delicious! 


homemade lasagna... (so good!!!) 

and lamb chops on the grill!....

topped off with a piece of tiramisu! 

All of it was amazing and I was SO FULL! ; ) 

There were prayers, laughs, egg hunts, good conversation, wine, and of course the food! It was a wonderful day!


I hope you all had a special Sunday with your peeps celebrating whatever your heart holds dear.  


1 comment:

  1. Happy Easter, beautiful friend!!!
    That is a delicious looking Easter dinner!
    Tell John we are waiting for Toy Story here too!
    Everything looks beautiful there, my friend.