Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Doris Day ♥

Yesterday heaven gained one of Hollywood's brightest stars. 

Doris Day 

One of my all time favorites, I've loved her ever since I was a little girl saw her and Rock Hudson in Pillow Talk on TV one Saturday afternoon.  I thought she was so beautiful and funny and I loved how she sang.  I grew up listening to "Everybody Loves a Lover" and "Secret Love". "Que Sera Sera" became my life's motto.

To this day I still love those songs and whenever I hear her voice it makes me happy.  She was a role model to me and so many others.  Lover of humans, protector of animals, and might I add fashion inspiration : )  

Throughout my life I've always dreamed of being a  modern day Doris Day.
I will continue that dream 

~ Rest in peace ~ 


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