Friday, May 17, 2019

Weekly wrap up ♥

Hello Friends!
 Friday already! I hope you all had a lovely week.  It's been a busy one for us.  John has about a month of school left and they've just started preparing for finals.  Finals in the 6th grade? Can you imagine?  Things have definitely changed since I was in sixth grade : )
We've been having a mix of sun and rain all week.  One day rainy and gloomy and the next sunny and beautiful.  It's crazy, but that's spring!  I've been binging on a new crop of Hallmark movies, all spring themed (gotta love Hallmark for that!) aaaand I just got a haircut which I'm not sure I like yet.   I need some time to warm up to it.  My hairdresser went rouge on my head and cut a little more that I would have liked. Don't you just hate it when they do that? 
Anyhoo, here are a few random pictures from my week ♥
John and I planted some flowers for Mother's Day. 
We had fun working in the yard together.

On Sunday we had cake and I was very grateful for time spent with my family.


This is my 11th year celebrating Mother's Day as a mother. 
Time goes by so quickly.

One of the advantages to all the rain we've been having is the flowers are loving it. 
My mom's lilies of the valley are blooming!

It's so nice to finally see and smell all the spring flowers.  I've been taking walks at lunchtime (if it's not raining) and it's felt wonderful to be outside.

Getting away from my desk for a quick 15 minute walk makes a huge difference in my day.  Luckily we have some nice walking paths around my office.
Spring is finally here! ♥

The other day my friend Billie Jo wrote a post on her blog about how she visits with us.  Have you ever wondered about that?  I have, so I wanted to show you where I am most of the time, when I blog. 
It's here. 

Sitting on my bed, with a cup of tea on the nightstand, and the TV on. 
It's where I am right now....♥

And finally, a car selfie because I just discovered portrait mode on my phone!

This was before the

Have a great weekend! We don't have much planned and I'm quite happy about that! 
I know I'm making pancakes in the morning and that's about it ♥
Thanks for stopping by, friends! Talk to you soon! xo

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