Friday, April 3, 2020

Staying Strong.

Hello Friends.  I hope you all are well.  Not much going one here this week.  I've been keeping busy working from home, schooling John, and trying to make our home cozy and avoiding the outside world as much as possible.  By that I mean staying inside unless completely necessary, not watching too much news, copious amounts of I Love Lucy, having afternoon tea time, and movies every night...mostly John's choice.  It's not so bad.  When I think of others who are putting themselves and their families on the line, taking care of others, I feel extremely grateful. 

The most I can do is take care of my little family at home.  This is not the April any of us had envisioned.  I miss my work, my friends, my freedom.  But I know this too shall pass.  So make your plans and dream your dreams. We are nothing without hope.

If you are feeling sad I suggest visiting Susan Branch's lovely blog.  Her posts are so positive and uplifting.  She never lets me down when I need a little sunshine on a rainy day (and today is pouring!).

So I'll keep puttering. Cooking. Baking. Cleaning. Praying. I'll text friends, send videos, and stay in touch over Instagram.  I really love that.  

I've tried a couple of new Pinterest recipes this week.  Some actually came out good!!  I'll share those links this weekend.  I even dusted off my bread machine this morning.  I think fresh baked bread will make things a little better : ) 

Try to have a happy Friday my friends.  Stay strong and keep the faith! 

Love you all! XO 

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  1. Perfectly said, my dear friend.
    We miss you all so.
    Stay cozy and safe.
    Road trip when this is all a memory!