Monday, April 13, 2020

Happy Easter! ♥

Good morning friends! 

As I write this post I am sitting at my kitchen table, drinking coffee, listening to the rain pouring down.  It's a stormy and dark day, which is OK by me because I have no plans to go anywhere anyway : )  Stormy days make staying inside more cozy.  No walk today.  That's OK.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a sunny day.

Yesterday we celebrated Easter.  It was definitely one of the most relaxed holidays we ever had.  But since my family celebrated Christmas in February nothing surprises me anymore. We spent it just us of course, dressed in our comfiest clothes, eating on our own schedule, and snacking and napping at our leisure : ) 

 I made a ham dinner for us and my mother in law was kind enough to pack us a goodie basket filled with all our traditional Easter foods that we would have had if we were able to be together.  Having that food made it feel more like Easter, which has always been a very big celebration in our family (certainly the biggest food wise!).  We watched the Cardinal say mass from Holy Cross Cathedral in Boston.  It was surreal seeing an empty church on Easter, but I was thankful we were able to watch it on tv. 

It's not a holiday without cinnamon rolls 

The church looks so beautiful.  I've never been to this church and now I really want to see it in person.  I'll always remember watching this mass on TV. 

I planned a later dinner so we could take our time (lounging) all day.  I'm glad I planned it that way.  I made myself an egg salad sandwich for lunch around 2:00 and it was delicious.  

Followed by tea time and a nap 

 Here is the basket from my mother in law.  We had lasagna and all our traditional favorites like ricotta pie and pinga bread.  It was all so delicious! 

The Easter bunny came for John and brought him candy and an Amazon gift card.  He's happy picking out his out treats these days, which will probably be blue rays, posters, or Funko pops.  

For the first time in forever we didn't color eggs!  I guess I waited too long and could not get the egg coloring kit.  John didn't seem phased. (I was definitely more disappointed than him :)  To make up for it I decided to try my hand at this bunny cake.  My friends inspired me to give it a try and just like that a new tradition was born!!  

After dinner John and I went for a walk around the neighborhood.  All spring flowers are blooming which made us smile. 

We had a nice day and are so very grateful to be together during this scary time in our world.  I'm grateful to have my parents with me when I know so many are missing their loved ones.  Thank goodness for technology so people can communicate.  

I hope you all had a blessed day, my friends!  

Sending good vibes this week!  Hang in there!  

Danielle xo 


  1. Sounds like it was a lovely day! Your Easter bunny cake is adorable! :)

  2. Hello, Sweet Friend!
    I love your Easter.
    How awesome that you received that basket of suprises!
    We didn't color eggs either.
    But I did take a long nap!
    Hugs and love and miss you!!!!!!

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