Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Perspective ( Susan Branch ♥)

Hello Friends! 

If you read Susan Branch's blog regularly you've probably already seen this, but it made such an impact on me this morning I had to share it.  Susan never ceases to bring joy to my heart when I need it most.  


"Something amazing is happening: Ask people stay home to protect one another  and here’s what happens: they unselfishly do it! And suddenly, everything changes.💝 No school shootings this March for the first time since 2002 🙏, our air has gotten cleaner, our National Parks and all the critters are breathing easier, families are having dinner together, people are nice to each other and reach out to help, the earth gets a rest, we’re becoming more spiritual, angels are popping up everywhere, people are singing and clapping for each other from balconies, and kindness abounds: healthcare workers at a Boston hospital are gifted with lifetime Red Sox tickets as a thank you, a patriotic 99-year-old army veteran in England spends the lead-up to his hundredth birthday walking to raise money for the National Healthcare Service, my single-mom sister gets to stay home with her twins because she works for Starbucks who continues to send paychecks to their employees just as if they were working, and Andrea Bocelli sings Ave Maria to the entire world. And we all cried at the same time. It’s beautiful to see that we are part of a larger plan, a world cause, we are in it together. Turns out the gift is proof-positive and something we’ve always known: that the true heroes are the regular people, the unsung heroes of the world."

Don't you just love her?  ♥

To read this post in it's entirety please visit her blog at
She's also updated the cooking section with some yummy spring & summer recipes that I'm looking forward to making.  

Have a wonderful Wednesday my friends.  Be well!  ♥


  1. My daughter told me about Andrea Bocelli singing from Milan on Easter so we watched together. She in FL and me in MN!! It was exquisite and the Ave Maria made us cry too! He looked thin and frail but bless his heart there he was singing to the whole world �� giving the gift that God gave him!! A true blessing to all of us!!������������

  2. I love Susan Branch. Her post that you included above is so comforting!

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