Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Hello December! ♥

Well Hello December! 

Just because I'm working from home doesn't mean I can't put on a pretty Christmas sweater and have a little fun.  A gift from a special friend that really made my day!  We all need little pick-me-ups these days and this one did it for me.  

  I hope this month brings you peace, love, and joy.  The truth is it's not always easy is it?  I'm well aware of that.  The holidays are not the best times for everyone. Especially these days. I look at where I was this time last year and my circumstances are gravely different.  Life is like that.  I hope by next year I'll be celebrating with friends and family, passing eggnog, and exchanging gifts in the Christmas grab.  

For now I'll continue shopping online and trying to make up new traditions that our family can enjoy while we are housebound.  It's ok.  We are ok.  I'm thankful for this little blog of mine because I can connect with all of you.  This time of year I so enjoy seeing your stories, your homes, and your traditions.  Blogging is and has always been a gift to me 

Happy December Friends.  Let's not put too much pressure on ourselves this month.  


It's so true 
Have a cozy day! 


  1. I LOVE that image!
    So very true!
    You look beautiful.
    And your friend sounds fabulous! ; )

  2. Love your sweater. You look so beautiful!

  3. Her friend is fabulous and very sweet and Danielle loves her very much!