Monday, November 30, 2020

A Covid Thanksgiving and getting Christmassy ♥

Hello Friends!  

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving!  Like most of us, our day was quiet.  I decided to start a new tradition... decorating the tree on Thanksgiving!  I thought it would give us something special to do on Thanksgiving morning, so I purposely waited to put the tree up until the night before. That morning, I brought out the decorations and off we went.  Since 2020 has been so upside-down, why not?! There are no rules to these things, are there?
Do what you like, I say.  And this is what I like. 

I think most of you know that we live upstairs from my parents.  It's been a blessing because all through Covid we've been quarantining with them which means we get to celebrate the holidays together. 

My Dad's delicious turkey! 

Our Thanksgiving was delicious and still remains my favorite meal of the year.  We had a very relaxing dinner and spent the afternoon basking in our fullness.  It was nice to be able to stay in stretchy pants and not have to rush around.  It was rainy and I was quite content being home.  
Belly full. Tree decorated.  Me happy! 

After dinner we had a zoom call with some of Rob's family that was fun.  It was nice to be able to see everyone.  Although, I sometimes feel very awkward on zoom.  I never know whose talking to me so I mainly just look and listen.  Am I the only one who feels that way?  Regardless, it's the way of the future and I'm still getting used to it.  We are lucky to have the technology! 
The Christmas Eve zoom is already in the planning stages.  

Back to home, I'm starting to feel the Christmas spirit.  I love having a tree in the house.  One of things I love most about Christmas is seeing the Christmas tree lit up in the very early darkness of the morning.  Drinking coffee while the tree glows is one of my favorite things and a lovely way to start a day. 

Our tree is small and very imperfect and that's just the way I like my trees.  A few years ago when we moved we downsized a lot of things, and one of them was our tree.  The problem is I didn't downsize the amount of ornaments I decorate with.  So hence, this tree is fully loaded with decorations.  I just can't bear to leave any off.  Rob always says it's the ornaments that make the tree, not the tree itself.  
I agree. 

Our weekend was spent eating leftovers (which I think we can all agree are the best part :) and our fair share of napping.
 Why does eating make you so tired?  It's the magic of the turkey.....😴

So now there's things to do like shopping and wrapping and card writing.  I'm taking my time, how about you?  This spot is just too cozy.

Have a wonderful day my friends! Can you believe tomorrow is December 1st?  
Are you feeling Christmassy yet?

Stay safe and be well! xoxo  


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  1. Really great pics in this post. I look high and low for vintage ornaments like the ones you have.....those are precious-keep them safe. Your tree is gorgeous, I love a tree chalk full with ornaments, I do the same to mine. Those left over turkey sandwiches look sooo good, definitely the best part. Going to pull out my Xmas decor soon....I have lots of time as we are unfortunately quarantined for 14 days because my daughter tested positive for COVID. She is ok, very mild case, so that’s the only thing that matters. But she is lonely and stuck in her room for the same amount of time-I feel so bad for her and just want to hug her! Hopefully this will be a distant memory soon-stay safe!