Monday, March 29, 2021

Easter is Coming~

Hello Friends! Happy Easter week! 

I hope you all had a nice weekend.  Mine went by too quickly as usual.  I'm happy to have all my Easter decorating done though because it makes everything very cheery.  It's a bit chilly and windy today, but inside it's warm and springy 


It's hard to believe Easter is upon us.  Last year we spent our holiday in quarantine.  This Easter we have been invited to family's house for dinner, which is very exciting for all of us.  We will celebrate happily and safely.  I'll bring the trifle! I just have to decide if I want to go the chocolate cake & pudding version OR the angel food cake and fruit version.  Angel cake and fruit is nice and light but everybody love chocolate. Which do you like better? 

Until then it's business as usual.  Working from home, coffee, texts from friends, tv shows that I love, and cozy nights on the couch. It's not so bad : ) 

Seeing my little Easter treasures make me happy.  Like this music box. A gift from my mom.  
It's it darling? 

Eggs ready to be filled.  We'll also color real eggs on Friday.  

One of our favorite traditions 

Bunnies everywhere! 

I've had this Easter village for years.  When John was little he LOVED it.  I think of him every time I set it up.  It's hard to believe he's going to high school next year.

(Can you tell I'm still trying to process that?!) Eeeek! 

Also praying no one knocks over my egg tree. 

(by no one I mean my's happened before! lol)

Precious : ) 

I hope you all are having a great day and a beautiful start to Easter week. 
I'm off to fill refill my coffee and get some work done.  Tonight's dinner is BBQ chicken on the Forman grill because it comes out sooooo good that way.  I have plan to make mini cherry pies for dessert.  We'll see how much motivation I have this afternoon.  Fingers crossed!

Thanks for popping by today! 

Byeeeeee! xo 

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