Friday, June 24, 2022

Currently: Happy Friday! ♥

Hello Friends! 

Happy Friday and I can officially say "Happy Summer!" 

The season has arrived in full force with heat and humidity. The trees are so full we can hardly see the river from the back porch.  It's nice and shady and very quiet, which I love. I can't wait until all these leaves turn yellow and orange, but for now we can admire all the green. I like to watch the birds flying from tree to tree. 

It's like their playground : ) 

John has half days from now until Tuesday, his last day, for final exams.  The end of the school year always makes me a little emotional. On one hand I'm happy he gets a break and will be home for the summer.  On the other hand, advancing to another grade just means another year has passed.  Has he really already completed his first year of high school? 3 more to go.  Only 3. 

I'm full of happy/sad/happy/sad all the time : ) 

Anyway, aside from my emotional rollercoaster ride it was a busy ordinary week.  

Here are my roses blooming and a few highlights...

A new coffee café opened in my town (called The Merry Café) a few months go and I finally tried it.  


It's the cutest shop with the nicest workers.  I can see myself becoming a regular! 

( FYI - I also did my nails with Red Aspen Nails and they look so nice. The color is ballet slipper : )

I got an iced Almond Joy (by recommendation) and an apple cider donut (because if I see one on the menu I have to have it).  


This week I finished The Death of Mrs. Westaway.  OMG it was so good! I could not put this mystery/thriller down!  By far my favorite book I've read this year so far. 
I'm going to work my way through all of Ruth Ware's books this summer.  

I just started One By One.  It takes place in a ski lodge in the French Alp and is giving me winter vibes like you wouldn't believe. I love books that take place in the snow for some reason :)

On Monday we celebrated Father's Day and an early birthday celebration for my mom.  She turns 80 on July 4th and both my sister and I will be on vacation.  We decided to have an early party because the day doesn't matter, just as long as we are together.  And there's a cake... which there was! 

I made Susan Branch's Lemon Coconut Cake.  It's the best! 

It's worth the extra effort to make the lemon filling and marshmallow frosting.  There is love in every step.  Perfect for special occasions! 

80 years young!  

A cup of tea and her family around the table is all she asks. 

The 4th of July has always been two holidays for us.  The birth of our country and the birth of my mom, with fireworks just for her! I promised her a home baked blueberry pie when I get back from vacation.  And since I've already made John promise to go blueberry picking with me, I know it will be a good one!

Have a wonderful summer weekend my friends! 

Make sure to take some time just for you! 


PS - Movie update.. Downton Abbey was outstanding! I loved it and saw it twice in theaters. I would see it again if you invited me  :)  Lightyear was good.  Not what I expected but I still enjoyed it. This weekend we are seeing Elvis.  As an Elvis lover I don't have high expectations, but I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised. Fingers crossed!!! 


  1. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Mom!!! Vacation? Sounds exciting! ; )

  2. Hello friend! Your Mama looks just darling. I'm so glad to see you all doing well. John will be a Sophomore! My little one will be a Junior!!!! My heavens, they are sure growing up. That donut looks so yummy. I am already looking forward to Autumn. As always. I am not a Summer girl. So glad to see you! ♥

  3. I have tears in my eyes.From someone who didn't expect to be here for #80 I am blessed. I love you!