Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Happy June 1st! Catching up ♥

Hello Friends. Happy June 1st! 

It's been hot and humid the last few days.  Today we are expecting rain.  It's gray and gloomy out there but I don't mind.  I love a good rain storm and it's been awhile since the last one. 

This was my POV just a few minutes ago.  Sipping coffee and waiting for the rain.  I have a busy work day ahead but am trying to start my mornings a little slower these days.  I drink my coffee, say my prayers, watch an episode of I Love Lucy or read a chapter from my book, and then get down to the business of the day. Lately I've felt like "groundhog day" with everyday being the same.  I'm starting to feel a bit of shift now and it's nice.  


We are officially entering the slower pace of summer and I am here for it.  School is winding down and getting a little less hectic.  I'm tired of rushing around all the time and welcome the break. 

Plus in my mind summer is one step closer to fall and that makes me happy.....but I won't go there just yet.  For now I've adorned my rooms with summer and beach scented candles.  I'll be patient and save my pumpkin pie spice for September....maybe August...we'll see!  : ) 

Candles = cozy 

My flowers and plants are doing quite well this week.  They are loving the extra sunlight and I am loving how they make me smile every day.

I've become quite addicted to plants and have put them in every place possible in my home.  

Oh hello bathroom plant! : ) 

Outside the summer flowers are blooming.  They love the dewing morning.  

 It's peony season!  

You must enjoy these quickly because they don't last long.  

Aren't they beautiful?! 

This past Memorial Day weekend we celebrated quietly, just us.  We went for a walk on the beach to look at the boats and got ice cream. I made hot dogs (a summer must!!!) and a easy cherry cobbler that we picked on all weekend.  It's amazing what you can do with a can of cherry pie filling! 

I'm a ketchup girl! 

Delicious cherry cobbler! I got the recipe from Pinterest (here

Nothing but blue skies and summer dreams 

On our summer bucket list we have a plan to try an new ice cream place every weekend if possible.
We kicked it off at one of our favorite local places that makes homemade ice cream. I picked a chocolate that had strawberries and white chocolate chips swirled in. 
Not my usual and it was Heavenly! 

I can't wait for next week 
Summer in a cup! 

And here I am, fiddling with my Instagram....probably much too old for selfies but I can't help myself.  I love a good filter, don't you?! 

My favorite quote of the week.  I am capable.  We all are 


Have a lovely Wednesday, friends!!! Happy June! It's summer!