Wednesday, October 12, 2022

24 Years! ♥

 October 11, 1998

October 12, 1998 (honeymoon in Disney.....with matching fanny packs!)

We celebrated our wedding anniversary on Tuesday.

It rained the day of our wedding.  People thought I would be upset.  The funny thing is I love rainy days more than anything.  They say rain on a wedding day is good luck and I believe that to be true : ) 

We celebrated at home with a home cooked dinner and leftover apple crisp for dessert.  We aren't fancy.  Besides, I'm holding out for something special on our 25th! 



  1. Happy Anniversary. You two are so cute!!

  2. Happy Anniversary to two of my very favorite people! Danielle, you are glowing! And, I LOVE your dress! Miss you!

  3. Happy anniversary Danielle and Rob, may you have many more. We love you both, mom and dad!!

  4. Happy Anniversary! I love seeing these pictures from your wedding! It was so beautiful and your dress is gorgeous!