Monday, October 10, 2022

Cozy Autumn Tag ♥

Good morning friends and happy Monday! 

I hope you all enjoyed a lovely weekend.  We went apple picking on Saturday.  It was so much fun.  The experience has changed a bit now that John is older. Since we still go the same place I can't help but picture him as a little one running around through the apple trees making me laugh and getting so excited to see the animals. Such great memories! What makes me happy now is that he still loves it and looks forward to it as part of our Autumn traditions every year (yay!).  I hope that never never changes 

Anyway, we had the most perfect weather!  I came home with a loot of apples. On Sunday, while Rob watched football, I made a beef stew dinner with homemade bread. For dessert  I made Susan Branch's apple cranberry crisp (which was divine!).   It was a comfort meal for sure. We are full on FALL now and it's a beautiful thing : )  

My friend Carrie at Northwoods Scrapbook posted this autumn tag last week and I thought I would join in on the fun. I love reading everyone's responses! 

As if we needed any further Autumn inspiration, but here goes....

1.  What is your favorite thing about fall?

The cooler weather! After a long hot summer, the cooler crisp days and nights are so refreshing. I love putting my summer clothes away and bringing out my warm sweaters and cozy pajamas. 

2.  Do you get fall colors where you live?

Yes! Where I live in Massachusetts we usually get stunning foliage! Unfortunately it doesn't last long.  After the leaves fall, out come the rakes! 

3.  Favorite fall scent?  (wax melts, candles, anything)

Yankee Candle Spiced Pumpkin candle is my very favorite~ 
4.  Favorite fall food or drink?

There's so many! But I have to go with pumpkin spiced coffee!  So good! 

5.  Football . . . yay or nay?

Funny thing about football, I like it, but I don't necessarily watch the games.  Rob watches every Sunday while I putter around the kitchen and make football food, like chili or wings, or a soup.  I like the feeling of an autumn day, with football on the TV, and everyone home watching the game. Does that count? 
6.  Do you rake, jump in, or burn piles of leaves?

Rake. Or some members of my family rake.  I may or may not participate.  My main job is to make the hot chocolate for afterwards : ) 
7.  Haunted house or corn maze?

Haunted house.  But not too scary.  Medium scary is all I can handle. 
8.  Have you ever gone on a hayride?


9.  Cider or hot chocolate?

I love both.  There is nothing like a hot apple cider (with a cinnamon stick) on an chilly October afternoon.  But once November comes, it's gotta be hot chocolate for me! 
10. Carve a pumpkin or eat pumpkin pie?

We do both! One to carve and one to eat! 

11. Do you dress up for Halloween?

No. I haven't dressed up for Halloween in long time.  I love to see other peoples costumes though.
12. Candy corn . . . yay or nay?

Definitely YAY! I don't understand all the candy corn hate.  I love it! 
13. Favorite Halloween season movie?

It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! 

14. Scariest movie?

I get scared pretty easily. I recently saw A Quiet Place and that really freaked me out! 
15. Halloween or Thanksgiving?

Both but if I have to choose I'll say Thanksgiving because of the food.  It's my favorite meal of the year.  

16. Do you watch the Macy's parade?

Yes, every year!  

17. Apple pie or pumpkin pie?

Apple! But pumpkin is a close second.  They are both delicious! 
18. White or dark meat?

I'm a white meal gal!
19. Jellied or real cranberry sauce?

Again, both!  I like a little of each.

20. Will you host or travel for Thanksgiving?

We will travel. I've never hosted Thanksgiving before but I hope to one day! 

(where did the time go??)

Feel free to copy and paste these questions on your blog if you want to participate with the tag!

Have a great day friends! Stay cozy!! xoxo


  1. time does go too fast!! My nephew has a SON and I remember my kids and my nephew running around as little ones. Beautiful photos!

  2. That apple dessert looks delicious! And I am so glad you and John had a nice time! He looks grown up, but still a cutie!

  3. Sounds like a perfect Fall day!!

  4. Oh this whole post just gives me a case of the cozies! I'm drooling over your stew and crisp pics. Holy yum! And thanks for participating in the questions. I love it!! I think loving the football vibe and just everyone home - absolutely counts! And I'm jealous of where you live - I have no doubt how stunning it gets there! It's on my bucket list to visit new england in the Fall. sigh I love that you say you want a medium scary haunted house. You're my kinda kindred spirit Danielle! Love the pics too!! Have a very blessed week ahead. xoxo

  5. Great pictures. Wonderful that your boys still get excited about these fall traditions.