Friday, August 11, 2023

Happy Friday! Let me tell you about my week ♥

Hello Lovely Friends!  

Have a hot cup of coffee or tea with me, won't you.  Let's chat 

Well, Friday has finally arrived. I'm not gonna lie, it's been a week.  Let me catch you up. Over the past few days I got a nail in one of my tires, broke my glasses, and burned my hand on the stove (it was a minor burn, but you know that sting...ouch).  All little stupid accidents.  I'm trying to turn things around today and celebrate the fact that it's the end of the week. The weekend means stress free days because we have no plans, extra sleeping, good meals, and family times. Yay. 

Rob, John, and I just started watching Curb Your Enthusiasm and we're loving it.  It's very funny! We're going to catch up on some episode of that, go out for coffee Saturday morning, do some shopping, make a library run, and go to church on Sunday. I'm prepping for John's birthday on Wednesday so I have a few errands to run for that too.  His birthday is on August 16th which is the same days as the anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley (he died August 16th, 1977).  Since we are all such big Elvis fans around here there's always a little Elvis music incorporated into the birthday celebration. It's fun! 

This was his 10th birthday in 2017.  He loved that shirt! 

Next week he'll be 16!  How time flies! 

Love him so much 

John's birthday always feels like the end of summer.  When I was little it felt like summers lasted forever.  Now it goes by so fast if you blink, you miss it.  We're trying to enjoy every last day until it's back to school time. That's when mornings get hectic and nights are filled with homework.  But I'm not gonna worry about that right now.  

No. I'm. Not.

 Ok, so the week wasn't all bad. 

One of the highlights was our weekly trip to the beach.  My friend Julie snapped this picture of John and her boys.  I love this picture because it shows the carefree days of summer with friends. We do love our Wednesday night ritual. That's one PLUS for summer in my book.  It was quite hot that day but once the sun set it was beautiful!  Not pictured is the cobb salad I got from Wendy's on the way.  It was delicious! Another PLUS.  I'll definitely be getting that again.  


Another highlight of the week, this bush! 

 I think it's a hydrangea.  I spotted it in the parking lot at my work of all places.  I had to go into the office twice this week and was greeted by this lovely plant.  I parked next to it on both days and had to snap a picture of it! I kind of wish I had snippers in my car, but unfortunately I didn't.  
(maybe some will find their way into the car next week....)

Back at home I'm dreaming about decorating for Fall.  It's happening next weekend.  

I'll be respectful and wait until after John's birthday, but after that it's go time.  I told Rob to brace himself and be prepared.  He thinks I'm crazy.  I don't blame him : ) 

My kitchen table currently has the last garden tomato from my father in law's garden (I'm hoping to get more soon : ) and some garlic cloves.  

It got me thinking about how healthy our basil looks right now.  We have it in a pot just outside the front door so I pass it every time I go in or out.  The smell is intoxicating. 

Luckily tonight is Italian night and nothing makes me happier than a big pot of sauce bubbling on the stove.  If this doesn't turn my week around I don't know what will. 

Off I went to clip some leaves for my sauce...

In they go! 

I've been using the Joanna Gaines recipe for marina (from the Magnolia Table Vol 2 cookbook) for the past few months and I love it. 

Rotini pasta, chicken parm, arugula salad, and garlic bread are what's on the menu tonight.  I made extra for leftovers.  The weekend is looking better and better : ) 

No matter what the events of the week I will always find comfort in a pot of sauce.  

A kitchen, no matter how big or small, will always make me feel better and has my heart forever 

A little fresh air doesn't hurt either : )

Wishing you a wonderful Friday and a happy & restful weekend! 

Byeeeee xoxoxox


  1. That was a nice, chatty post and I loved 'visiting' with you. Sorry about your little 'boo boos' but it seems the rest of your week was a good one. Happy Birthday to John.

  2. Hope your son has a fab birthday :)
    I can practically smell that basil plant from here, such a divine smell!

  3. That sauce looks delicious :) I remember the day Elvis died! I was visiting my aunt and we heard the news on the radio. I was 12 years old and knew it to be a sad occasion, but my aunt was devastated. I have memories of my mom and her friends getting all dressed up one time to go see Elvis. We've always loved his music. I've noticed your love of all the old standards. My husband plays trombone in a big band (called The Remember When Orchestra) and they play all the old Sinatra, Bobbie Darin, and other's music. They play once a quarter here in Beaumont. They dress in tuxedos and it's a throw back to the old days. Quite the show. Have a wonderful week! Thanks for sharing yours :)

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