Wednesday, August 9, 2023

It's Coming! ♥


The other day at the grocery store I picked up my first bag of Fall/Halloween themed candy.  I know it's only early August, but I'm not gonna lie....this made me so happy.  No matter what the temperature says outside, in my heart summer is over and I'm embracing fall.  Done.  Whose with me?  That taste of cinnamon, caramel apple, and pumpkin spice is bliss for me.  And although controversial, the candy corn flavor is good too! :)  The early mornings and evenings are getting cooler and I find myself reaching for my sweater more often than not.  I love sweaters and I love cardigans and I'm ready for the all my cozy clothes to be back in my rotation.  I was generously given a few gift cards for my birthday and I decided I'm going to buy myself a new fall jacket this season.  I typically hate clothes shopping for myself but I've seen some cute styles lately so hopefully I'll make a good decision. 

And just in case you're wondering (cause I'm sure you're dying to know!) Dunkin Donuts starts serving pumpkin spice coffee on August 17th (next Thursday) and guess who will be first in line! Meeeee!

And that's then end of my Fall rant for now : )

In other news, this week has been rainy and humid.  John has been working hard at his part time job and thankfully has a few more weeks of summer vacation left.  He doesn't go back until after Labor Day! Yay!  Next week is his 16th birthday.  I am still in denial he's going to be 16! We are planning on a low key pizza night with family with a special cake from the bakery.  

As for me, after a day of rest post Cape Cod,  I was inspired by my friend Rosinda's Instagram (who was inspired by our hero, Miss Susan Branch) and made blueberry corn cakes.  So easy! Just take Jiffy corn muffin mix, add one egg, half cup of milk, and one cup of fresh blueberries...

Fry them like little pancakes in a buttered skillet and you are left with the sweetest blueberry corncakes you can imagine.  Crispy around the edges and soft and fluffy on the inside.  Susan Branch has the recipe in the book "Martha's Vineyard, Ile of Dreams" which is fabulous by the way.  I think it's my favorite of all her books.  It's inspired by her diary pages when she first moved to the island.  It's not a cookbook but she has recipes scattered throughout it.  I love it. 

These corncakes are really yummy and this one accidently came out looking like a heart which made me smile : ) 

I will leave you today with a movie recommendation.  Tuesday night we watched On the Waterfront (1954) starring Marlon Brando and Eva Marie Saint.  This is my second time seeing this film.  I didn't think I could love it any more but I did.  It's such a good movie and if you've never seen it and are in the mood for a classic movie I highly recommend it.  Marlon Brando is a force.  He's amazing and I'm so happy he won an Academy Award for his performance.  Move over James Dean, Brando may be my new Hollywood boyfriend. I also googled Eva Marie Saint last night and I was happy to discover she's the oldest living Academy Award winner, and one of the last surviving stars from the Golden age of Hollywood. She's 99 years old! Wow 

Have a great day my friends! Thanks for stopping by today! 

Byeeeee! xoxoxo


  1. I'm so with you dear Friend! So excited for all things Fall! 🎃 🍂 I have those books by Susan Branch and just love that one too!! But now I really want to try that recipe too. yum! I saw that Brando movie so long ago - don't remember it that well. Will have to watch again. I love old movies so much! You'll have to get a cute pic of yourself in your new jacket. 😉 Blessings. xo

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