Wednesday, October 19, 2022

The Art of Being Cozy ♥

 I feel like I have mastered the art of being cozy. Every day I think about.  I strive for it.  And when I achieve it, I feel happiness. 

It's not hard.  It's very easy.  The best things in life are free  

Here's a day in I keep cozy: 

Wake up early. 

Plug in twinkle lights around the kitchen window.

Light candles in the early morning when it's still dark.

Add a dash of sweetness to my coffee (right now it's pumpkin spice).

Dress in a cardigan, loose clothes, and cushy socks.  Slippers always. 

Take time to slowly wake up and start the day. 

Take a walk in nature if so inclined.  Stop and admire the trees as the leaves blow by. 

Listen to vintage music or audio books while I work the day away on my computer.

Stop at 3 for tea and cake. 

Make time to rest before dinner.  Read a chapter of my book or fall asleep for 30 minutes. 

Roast veggies, make soup, or a comfort meal like chicken pot pie or pot roast.

Wrap up in blankets on the couch for an evening of TV with family.  

Eat pumpkin bread while in cozy seasonal jammies and drink more tea.  

Try to stay off my phone before bed. 

Off to sleep I go.

It's all in a days work : ) 

See.  Easy Peasy! How do you keep cozy?

Have a wonderful day, Friends!  We are half way to Friday : ) 



  1. I try to have all the piddly little things done and off my mind so I can actually relax with whatever I'm wanting to (watch TV, play a game on my computer, etc.). I also find comfort in the routine of mundane things like that cozy feeling as you finish cleaning up the kitchen for the evening. A nice, seasonal bakery scent in the wax warmer helps but for me I really need to have my mind decluttered first. Oh, and rainy or cold days when it sort of allows you to just lounge indoors helps too. lol

  2. This feels like a very familiar day in the life of Breahn too! I do most all of the same things, except I have to go in to my office at the Funeral Home. I wish I had more time for walks around town and nature. That would be lovely! ♥

  3. I always make a cup of tea after dinner and knit, it's the best part of the day and it's cosy!!