Monday, October 3, 2022

Welcome October! ♥

Happy Monday my friends, and Happy October! 🍂

I am just back from a beautiful weekend in the mountains of New Hampshire.  Something I highly recommend, especially in the fall.  I heard the locals saying the foliage wasn't at it's peak yet and maybe it wasn't, but it was certainly enough for me! 

Windy roads, clean air, a general store, and the only time I don't mind having bad wi-fi. 
It's nice to be cut off from real life for awhile.  Even if it's just a weekend.

I managed to get in some outlet shopping and even bought my first Christmas present! 
(I've officially started! Yay).  

It's such a peaceful feeling to wake up in the mountains.  And yes, the coffee does taste better for some reason : ) 

It was quite chilly and we were happy we brought our warm clothes! 

Our beautiful condo (courtesy of a family friend who loaned it to us for the weekend).   We were nestled in the woods nice and cozy.  It was so quiet but if we went out on the balcony we could hear the river running down from the mountain.  

The roads are a work of art!  

My favorite store in the world!  If you ever visit North Conway NH you must stop in.  It's like stepping back in time, complete with creaky wooden floors and an old fashioned candy counter. 
  My favorite section is the Christmas corner on the second floor.  Heaven! 

We saw pretty waterfalls and streams all along the roads. I took deep breaths in and filled my lungs with the fresh air.  I could smell the snow coming! 

And of course we ate.  Waffle breakfasts with warm syrup and pumpkin spice coffee.  For lunches we had soups (to warm up) and sandwiches.  We ate at the same restaurant both nights for dinner because we loved it so much.  I had a fish sandwich that was so yummy I'm still thinking about it.  And of course dessert....because we just had to! One sundae, 3 spoons! 

And just like that I'm back home again. It was short and sweet but fun quality time with my people 

Tonight we are celebrating my Dad's birthday with a pork roast dinner.  His favorite! We are having it with onions and potatoes.  I roasted 2 acorn squashes last night which I will cut into quarters, drizzle with butter and brown sugar and heat in the oven.  We must have a green veggie so broccoli it is.  And corn bread rolls. For dessert he requested apple pie which I made this morning. The house smells so good right now!   

Little by little more of my Halloween and fall décor is appearing.  I love to light these lights early in the morning when it's still dark so the house glows.  I really love this time of year.  

Have a wonderful day my friends! I'll be around to visit your blogs soon.  I took a little internet break last week but I'm back and looking forward to catching up with everyone! 

Happy October! Stay cozy!! 🎃


  1. Oh yes, fall is definately in New Hampshire! So pretty. I remember being in Vermont at Fall season and loving all the yellows, reds and oranges. Glad you got away for the weekend.

  2. Beautiful! And sounds perfectly cozy. Hugs from all of us!

  3. Sounds like a lovely getaway. Beautiful scenery! We're starting to get some good color here in Wisconsin now but nowhere near peak yet. I think I would love that little store!!!

  4. what a lovely getaway and your dad is lucky to have such a nice celebration!!

  5. What a gorgeous part of the country! We've traveled to NY several times in the Fall and always enjoyed the scenery and different trees.