Thursday, January 12, 2023

Cranberry Orange Bundt Cake ♥


Hello Friends! 

I hope this week is treating you well.  I've had a hard time getting motivated all week. The weather has been rainy and gloomy, which normally I don't mind, but this week is making me feel very tired.  I think I've been in sweat pants for at least 4 days straight because the thought of squeezing into actual pants right now honestly terrifies me!  Let's just say I may have overindulged this Christmas...
The struggle is real : )

Instead of beating myself up over it I have decided to just embrace it and go with the flow, remembering that I promised to romanticize all aspects of my life going forward.  The rainy, gloomy days are turned into cozy, candlelit ones and my old sweats are suddenly luxurious lounge wear
Hey, whatever works!  

I realize that my being tired is just my body trying to recover from all the chaos of December.  It's telling me to relax and recharge.  So that's what I'll do.  Sleep a little longer, move a little bit slower, read a few more pages of my's all needed and that's just fine. I'll celebrate small victories and work my way up to my normal speed soon enough.  

Today I finally organized my new planner and entered in all important dates and appointments.  I also food shopped and meal planned for the week.  I made a to-do list for the weekend and answered some work emails that have been hanging around way too long. It's baby steps and I'm feeling good about it.  

To celebrate getting all that done,  I made tea and had a piece of cake on the couch with my feet up.  

Self care is not selfish.  It's necessary 

(did someone say cake?) 

Speaking of cake...I made one yesterday!  

I had some leftover whole cranberries in the freezer that were calling my name every time I opened the door. I've been wanting to use them up for a while.  Baking is one of my favorite things to do. I thoroughly enjoy it and consider it part of my self care. I'm serious! Especially when it's raining out because the house gets all warm with oven on and smells heavenly.  Which by the way is perfect for when you have the January blues (I guess that's what I'm calling it...: ) 
The smell of cake baking in a warm kitchen on a rainy January day is like waking into a hug.  Don't believe me? Then just try it for yourself.... 

What pairs well with cranberries you ask? My other current obsession: Oranges! 

Here is the recipe I used for CRANBERRY ORANGE BUNT CAKE.

Remember to use orange zest in the batter and icing for that fresh citrus flavor.  It matters 

Also toss the cranberries in flour before added them to the batter so they don't sink to the bottom.  

This cake is moist and yummy! The perfect little afternoon treat.

It's pretty too and is making me want to decorate for Valentine's Day.  


Have a wonderful weekend, friends! 

I'm still waiting for snow! 

Stay cozy! xoxoxox 


  1. Hello! I want a piece, or two, of that cake! And I feel you. Same here. And this weather doesn't help! Where is the snow????? Miss you!

  2. That cake looks and sounds delicious!!

  3. yum! we babysat the grandson for 48 hours and it took me more than 72 hours to recover. The older I get the more time I need to recover!!

  4. That cake looks so yummy!!! And I did not know that about cranberries in flour. The things we learn from blogs, huh? =)

  5. Hi! You are not alone with feeling tired this month. The weather has been so overcast, grey, and off and on rain for weeks now. Oh, I miss the sun so much! It really does energize me. Your cake looks delicious! I love cranberry and orange together. Take care!

  6. That cake! It sounds scrumptious! Happy 2023 to you!