Friday, January 20, 2023

Ordinary January Days ♥

Hello Lovely Friends! 

Happy Friday! 

Well, ask and you shall receive.  I've been hoping for snow and the other morning I woke up to a powdered sugar dusting.  It was so pretty and white outside, the whole house felt just a little bit brighter.  It quickly turned to rain and as I type this, all that goodness is gone but I hear there is more coming tomorrow so for now I'll have to be happy with little bits here and there. The good news is that I've never seen a January with this much sun before.  It snows or rains and then within a blink the sun is shining again.  Welcome to winter in New England.  These are the days.  

It's been a busy work week for me.  I've been in my home office tapping away on the keyboard, processing invoices for my job.  I do accounting for a travel company and the winter is our peak season.  I guess everyone wants to escape the cold and go somewhere warm.  Especially after Christmas. Me personally, I'm the opposite. The colder is it, the cozier I get.  The more books I read, the more shows I watch, the more cups of hot beverages (coffee, tea, hot chocolate, chai, you get the idea) I consume.  After all, hibernation is what I do best : ) 

I've been binging on podcasts and audio books while I work.  It's literally my favorite things to do.  By the afternoon when my day is winding down and I'm done with chatter, I switch to Spotify.  Have you ever listened to calming acoustic guitar music? Do yourself a favor, do a Spotify search, and try it. I put  my earbuds in and feel my stress levels lowering.  It's a wonderful way to unwind. Especially after a long day at work. Pair with a square of dark chocolate and its heaven. The world moves so quickly these days, I have to purposely try and slow myself down.  This is helping 

(By the way, I always update what I'm reading or listening to on my sidebar. Right now I'm reading Don't You Cry by Mary Kubica. It's just ok.  I don't love it, but I don't dislike it enough to stop reading it.  I want to see how it ends.)


The plants are loving the winter sun 

They look so happy, don't they? I find joy in my plants everyday. 
These ones are my mom's.  They are in her big front window downstairs.  I guess you could say they are the cousins to my little babies upstairs.  The pink color is so pretty and seems appropriate with Valentines day coming up. They look especially vibrant against the white winter day outside the window.  

Makes me smile every time I pass by. 

I'm hoping to add more houseplants this spring.  And a bunch of tulips of course, which I plan to pick up the next time I stop by Trader Joes.  This is what I daydream about.  Tulips and Trader Joes.  

As you do... 

I've been trying to be better at making myself more healthy lunches these days and since I'm out of soup at the moment (not for long though!) yesterday I made John and I egg sandwiches.  He has been taking midterm exams this week so he's been home early everyday.  It's nice to have him home and we've been able to have lunch together.  He loved this sandwich too.  I added spinach, tomatoes, and cheese.  It was delicious, however with the cost of eggs these days it felt fancy to be eating eggs so willy-nilly! He asked for another one today.  All of a sudden lunch is getting expensive : )  

Worth every bite.  Second only to a grilled cheese sandwich and a cup of tomato soup 

 Little touches of Christmas still remain and this week I received two "Happy New Year" cards.  

They made me so happy! Someday I'm going to do that instead of Christmas cards. 


Do you ever walk around your house and spy your favorite things? You remember where they came from or just admire how pretty they are and your heart fills with joy?  

Me too 

Once work is done I have my tea and think about dinner. I do this while on the couch with a blanket.  I feel no guilt either. I've made it part of my day. 

 Tonight we are having a beef stir fry and salad.  We usually eat between 5:30 and 6:00 depending on what time Rob gets home from work.  After dinner he does the dishes (yes he does...every night!) and then he and John go for a 10 minute walk around the neighborhood.  I usually tidy up the family room while they are gone and then we settle in for the night.  

John has recently gotten me into the show Breaking Bad.  Have you seen it? It's on Netflix. Oh my's so good! I have two episodes left which we are finishing tonight.  I'm sad to end it.  I know I will be a blubbering mess by the finale.  I've been on verge this whole season. I never thought I would like this show, but after one episode I was hooked. Don't you hate it when you love a show and it ends.  Luckily there is a sequel movie and prequel show that I can jump right into so I'm good for a few more weeks with these characters.  We have a long list of shows that we want to get through this winter which I'm excited about.  

And there you have it.  My ordinary January days.  Not much changes on the weekends, except for laundry, housecleaning, and grocery shopping.  This weekend I'm adding in a trip to the library and a haircut. That's it! 

I'm living the life, my friends 

Happy January everyone! How are your ordinary days going? 

Stay cozy and have a wonderful weekend!! 



  1. So, I am adding another thing to my list of things Danielle needs to make when she visits! One egg sandwich, please! Love your January days, my friend. Miss you!!!!

  2. We have had no snow yet but tons of rain. House plants do put a smile on my face and who doesn't love Trader Joe's.

  3. january is such a beautiful quiet month! I now want an egg sandwich....