Monday, May 1, 2023

Random Monday chatter: Are you my people? ♥

 Hello Friends! Happy May! 

Can you believe it's May 1st?!  This year is flying by so quickly it's scary.  John (happily) mentioned to me this morning that he gets out of school next month.  Summer is just around the corner! No, I'm not decorating for the 4th of July yet if that's what you're thinking,  but at this rate it will be here before we know it : ) 

For now I'll try to enjoy spring while it lasts.  I snapped the picture below of our hydrangea bush this morning.  It's all buds and I can hardly wait for it to open.  Spring is about being patient, isn't it? Waiting for signs of life after winter, and now waiting for all those little flowers to pop.  It's kind of exciting when you think about it.  

I had this thought the other day that I would like to press flowers this spring. One from every blooming bush and tree we have in the yard.  I can save them and put them in cards and letters throughout the year.  I don't think I've ever received a card with a pressed flower in it.  It's something I've only read about in books or seen in movies, but it's a very charming concept, don't you think? I saw on Pintrest (i.e my happy place) that some people mat and frame them.  How adorable.  I think I've stumbled upon a new hobby.  And guess what? It doesn't cost a cent.

All I have to do is wait.... 


Pressing flowers feels like an old fashioned vintagey thing to do.  Maybe that's why I like the idea of it so much. Like wearing a flower crown or a corsage.  It's a lost art, like so many things from the past are.  I think what it boils down to is just trying to be thoughtful, intentional, and romanticize everything possible. I always say it's the little things in life.  I've been trying to incorporate more thoughtful activities into my lifestyle.  For example, sending hand written thank you cards instead of texts.  I had gotten away from this for a long time, but now I'm bringing it back!  I also love the idea of sending flowers as a gift.  Its such an underrated thing to do these days.  And who doesn't love to receive flowers? I know I do.  Another example is cooking from scratch.  Yes it takes longer but I get so much joy creating things in the kitchen. Not everything works, but that's how I've learnt. Just yesterday I had an unfortunate incident with overnight French toast. It happens.  On the flip side, I just started yet another sourdough starter this week.  My last one didn't make it (r.i.p.) so I'm trying again.  I'll have my perfect loaf one of these days. sigh.  It takes a long time, but I do enjoy the process. And I love wearing aprons : )

It's all quite cozy.  And I've always felt the coziest people are the happiest people.  We are the ones who wrap ourselves up in blankets at night with tea and a word game or good movie on TV.  We light candles, listen to old music, talk about our days, press flowers, write in journals, read blogs, and make sourdough bread (or know someone that does...or at least tries). We pick pumpkins in the fall and go out for pancakes.  We miss the holidays after Christmas and we can't wait for September when the pumpkin spice arrives at Dunkin Donuts.  We watch scary movies and have to have a little something sweet before bed. 90% of the time we wear clothes that could be mistaken for pajamas and we are perfectly fine with that. If you are relating to any of are my people and I love you : ) 

I hope you are all having a great Monday! My tea is getting cold and it's almost time to start thinking about dinner.  

Thanks for stopping by today! It means so much that you do! Xx 

PS - here is a link to one of my favorite posts I've ever written (back in 2014!) about flowers....what each one means, ect.  Very helpful in you are thinking of sending someone a bouquet this spring :)


  1. Hi Danielle! Happy May! What a lovely post. I love coziness as well. I felt cozy reading your blog! I have never tried to press flowers, but it sounds delightful. Blessings!

  2. I identify with many of these that you mention! Yes, time is passing very quickly! It’s important that we fill our days with what brings us joy!

  3. I'm your people as well! I love your blog and BJ's as well. Cozy is the best!!

  4. I'm raising my hand! :) I love the cozy feel of a candle at night while my husband and I watch our favorite shows. 2023 has been all about me trying to slow down and savor my home, my work in the home, my hobbies (romanticize, if you will) and I'm determined, even through the detours, to keep going. I'm not pressing flowers, but I did do something so fun with some vintage children's books and an empty closet wall. You'll have to hop over to the blog this week and see :)

  5. Oh I'm one of your tribe my Lovely! I'm not sure if you've seen Lord of the Rings- but I often think of us as the hobbits of the population. All about cozy creature comforts and our homes and baking, cooking meals, planting flowers, etc. Lol
    I LOVE your idea about pressing flowers. I have pressed some before too and I have actually used them to make (decorate) homemade cards. ;) I sure love the way you think Lady. It'll be months before I have hydrangeas blooming- usually not until July. I'll enjoy yours though! 💗 Blessings. xo