Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Springtime at the office ♥

The office park where I work is surrounded by trees.  Normally I'm rushing around too fast to even notice them.  In the morning I'm surely preoccupied with NOT spilling my coffee as I am making a mad dash for the elevator...probably thinking about John as I just dropped him off at school or wondering if I remembered to take that chicken out of the freezer for dinner. 
At night all I can think about is getting home (and into my pj's) so I'm like a streak of lightening across that parking lot!  There's no time to be observant of my surroundings when I have two hungry boys waiting for me. 
(all these scenarios are 100% true :)
But once Spring arrives the trees comes alive and can no longer be ignored.   
You couldn't miss them even if you tried. 
Green leaves blend in....but once they turn pink its a whole different story.
The other day at lunch time I stepped outside to get a breath of fresh air and make a phone call when I was struck with this sight....
Flower confetti!!! 
It was everywhere! It was a windy day so it was blowing in the breeze.  It truly looked like it was raining flowers!
The sight of it reminded me of a wedding. 
Nature really is a thing of beauty, isn't it? A true miracle.
It's a miracle that an ordinary office park can look this pretty in May. 
I must learn to be more observant. This is literally the parking lot. 
I guess beauty can be found almost anywhere : )

I love Spring!

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