Saturday, May 6, 2017

Weekly wrap up ♥

Hello and happy Saturday!  Don't you just love Saturdays? Of course you do! 
And today is extra sweet because it's the first Saturday of May!  I finally got around to putting all my Easter decorations away, which was a bit sad, but the good thing is that next up is Memorial Day and summer! It's coming....I can feel it.   
In one short month John will be out of school and summer vacation begins.  How I long for the leisurely days and nights of summer.  No tight schedule to keep, no rushing around, and best of homework! Yay! 
Not that I am wishing May away at all.  Our first week of the month was lovely. 
Here are a few random pictures of my world this week ♥
The beginning of the week was filled with lots of sunshine! The temperatures hit the 80's!
All of those April showers have paid off. 
Hello May flowers!

I had my first lilac sighting at the grocery store.  I couldn't resist sticking my nose in this bouquet and taking a big whiffff! 
Makes me smile just thinking about it!

Toward the end of the week it got cooler and today we had heavy rain. 
I'm hoping our tulips survived. 

It was so warm last Saturday I got my car washed. Free of charge! Only cost me an ice cream :)

This is the place where John takes drum lessons on Saturdays.  I like to wander around while I wait for him and regret never taking up an instrument. 
I really wish I could play the piano~
This wall of guitars fascinates me! One ones on the top row are super expensive! $$$

We ate some yummy food this week. Like caprese salad! Guess who ate all the mozzarella?  I really shouldn't have it in the house.  Too dangerous.

And brownies of course! Because, you know, we never have any sweets in the house....echem....

Some fresh fruit to balance out the brownies ♥

Thursday night was  breakfast dinner. My favorite! Powdered sugar makes anything look fancy, don't you think?

And while we're on the subject of yummy things, I have to tell you to please run to Dunkin Donuts and try their blackberry ice tea!!!! Oh wow, it's amazing!!!!!  Definitely going to be my summer go-to drink!

I did a little clothes shopping and gave myself a spring pedicure.  Yup, the sandals are out and my toes have come out of winter hibernation.  Feels like summer is right around the corner!

I met a friend for a coffee date and some girl talk.  Ordered a delicious fried egg sandwich that I ate so fast I forgot to take a picture of it.  The English muffin was grilled and it was delicious!

May the fourth be with you! Ok, I had too! I love Star Wars (always have!).  Thursday night  I watched Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back.  The original movies bring back memories of my childhood. Star Wars was one of the first movies I watched on HBO when my family got cable in the 80's.  This was big deal, folks.  Before that we had three stations.  And no remote.   

You know it's spring cleaning season when you find that your husband has cleaned all the area rugs in the house and put them on the deck to air out. 
That was a good day ♥
Meanwhile at work I have company at my desk (on loan from John : )
These guys make me happy ♥  
Well, that's about it for now.  I'm off to the grocery store. What should I make for dinner tonight? I'm thinking burgers but we'll see what looks good when I get there. Something easy because tonight I'm catching up on the last few episodes of The Feud and I can't wait!  Have you watched this show?
It's really good!  
I hope you are having a great weekend in your part of the world! xo

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  1. Hello my friend,
    Loved this look at your week!
    Please do this every week!!!
    Please can I be your neighbor?
    Such a beautiful place...
    And the food??
    All my favorites!
    Brownies, French Toast...That salad...The tea...although I have no Dunkin" Donuts around, so I'll settle for Wend's Blackberry Lemonade...and would you believe I am planning on a fried egg sandwich for lunch?!
    Enjoy your weekend. I am snug in my bed this morning.
    No is pouring and 40 degrees!
    No complaints. : )