Thursday, July 13, 2017

Christmas is coming....♥


Last year John, Rob, & I celebrated our first Christmas in July.  It was so much fun we decided to make it an annual event! 

On Monday July 24th we’ll celebrate Christmas Eve (and also my birthday!) and then on July 25th will be our fun day!  I took the day off from work so John and I can make Christmas cookies, watch Rudolph & A Christmas Story, play games, do crafts, be as silly as possible. 


It doesn’t take much effort to make this a fun event.  A few small gifts wrapped in Christmas paper make for a special morning. 

I’ll dig out my Christmas CD’s so we can listen to Nat King Cole while we have cinnamon rolls for breakfast.


  I won’t do a whole sha-bang with decorations, just a few scattered about the house will do the trick. 

And of course a Christmas Cookie candle, you know…to set the mood ♥


Hopefully we’ll have two special guests join us.  John’s been saying all week that he hopes Zip & Zoom will come back and visit.  I have a strong feeling they will. 

It's not Christmas without our favorite elves!

He loves these guys! ♥

The weather has been beyond hot and humid and I’ve been waiting all summer to make frozen hot chocolate.  We tried it last year and it was delicious! 

Perfect for Christmas in July!


John and I will make a special “Christmas dinner” for Rob when he comes home from work. 
We haven’t decided what yet, but I do know we are having pie for dessert. 

Priorities : )


A hot summer day spent in my air conditioned house, curled up on the couch watching Christmas movies with my best buddy is my idea of perfection. 

Its little things like this that make the moments we remember forever : )

Am I right? ♥♥♥


And just in case you didn't realize it....
We are over half way to the real thing ♥♥♥



  1. Yes.
    I adore this, you know.
    And we will be joining you!
    If only we went so far apart. : )

  2. Ok, I have to do this now!!! I just love Christmas anything! ;)

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