Tuesday, July 18, 2017

York, Maine ...short and sweet ♥

Hello Friends!

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may have already seen some of these pictures but we had such a nice getaway I thought they deserved their own blog post ♥

This past weekend my nephew David got married.  We were invited up to York, Maine for the wedding.  I had never been to York and had heard it was lovely. 

 It was! It was quaint and beachy and I wish we could have stayed longer.  

My parents and my sister and her family all made the trip with us, so that made it even more fun.

This is the venue, but we'll get to that in a minute.... : )

Saturday morning we loaded up the car and off we went.  It's about a 2 hour drive from Boston to York. 

Somehow I ended up in the backseat which I was ok with as long as I had provisions.  I'll trade you my front seat for all the coffee stops I want need. 

We ran into some traffic (naturally!) but we finally arrived!

Can you smell that ocean air?

Our hotel was called Stone's Throw.  And it was.  A stones throw from the ocean!


The room was absolutely the smallest hotel room I have ever seen. 
But it was cozy and quaint and I kind of loved it. 

Here's the bed...

Turn around and there's the bathroom.  That's it people. 
Tour is over : )

John slept here...in the trundle bed.  It slid out from the side. 
Kind of cool, right?

Because of all the Boston traffic we had no time to waste. 

Jump into our fancy clothes and go.

Looking cute!

There was shuttle hired to pick us up and take us to the venue. 

Which was spectacular!

The most beautiful place, right on the water.

 What a view!

The ceremony took place outdoors on a deck overlooking the ocean.

My nephew David, the groom. 

Hugging his bother and best man, Chris.   

 Here comes the bride!

She looked gorgeous!


Congratulations David  & Amy!

My Mom & Dad

On the left is my sister Laurie and on the right is her daughter Alycia. 
In the middle is Alycia's husband Mike.  They got married last August. 

(yes, I am the only one in my family with big hair, yes)

A selfie with sun in my eyes.... ♥

A little jazz music during cocktails. 


And dessert!

We had a small crisis during dinner because the caterer could not confirm that the cupcakes were nut free so John could not have one : ( 

He got very upset, but then my sister came to the rescue and found some ice cream! 
She had the waitress read the label and it was completely nut free! 

He devoured it in 5 seconds. And felt extra special because "hey, no one else got ice cream! how'd he get so lucky?!" Whew! Happy once again!

We spent a good amount of time taking in the view.  I could not get enough of it. 

There was dancing and celebrating but then it was time to get back to the hotel. 

First thing in the morning, I crossed the street and took a walk on the beach.  I drank my coffee and watched people walk hand & hand, and walk their dogs.  So laid back and relaxed.  I could get used to this.  It was really beautiful. 

I was curious about the temperature of the water. I saw people swimming but I heard it was really cold.  I dipped my toes in and OH MY... brrrr!  No one seemed to care though. 

Maybe after a while you just go numb ♥

But alas, it was time to go. 

We had breakfast with my parents at John's favorite restaurant (IHOP) where they put the pot of coffee on the table....♥

and then homeward bound. 

The trip was short and sweet, but long enough to make me fall in love with York and want to go back one day. 


  1. Thank you for sharing this lovely wedding weekend!
    First off, you looked beautiful!
    The wedding looked to be amazing, the brigand groom so classy, and the food? Yummm!
    I am glad your little one had his special treat!
    And that you are home safe and sound, my sweet friend! : )

  2. What a beautiful wedding, Danielle! The venue could not have been more perfect! Thank you for sharing it all with us. It was lovely to see a photo of your darling parents and your sister, too! I'm glad John was able to enjoy a nut-free dessert. Ice cream is a way better deal than cupcakes, particularly when you're by the ocean! xoxo

  3. P.S. I forgot to mention how beautiful you look in your pretty floral dress! :)

  4. I love your dress!!! It's beautiful.
    I'm pretty sure I can smell the ocean through those images.
    Also, that hotel looks charming! <3

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