Saturday, July 8, 2017

Weekly wrap up ♥

Well, here we are Saturday morning already.  This week has felt very strange.  Monday and Tuesday were a big rush with the holiday and by the time Wednesday came around things slowed down.  Everyone seemed to be in vacation mode.  All our energy was put into the beginning of the week, so we all seemed to just slide quietly into the weekend. 
It rained all day on Friday and I was working from home.  I love rainy days in the summer.  It's the equivalent to a snow day in January.  You are forced to stay inside but you really don't mind it at all. 
Tea and toast were the perfect treat to my rainy afternoon.  My friend Julie took John to the movies while I worked and I had the house all to myself, with nothing to listen to but the pitter patter of rain on the windows.  I wish I could work like this all the time ♥ 
As far at the weekend goes we have no plans today.  Yes, the sun is back out but we have nothing planned.  Rob is puttering around the house, John is on his ipad, and me, well there is laundry and chores to do, but honestly - who knows if I'll do them or not.  Another cup of coffee or two will decide that.  I'm happy just lounging today.  Tomorrow morning we are planning a few hours at the beach and then dinner at my mother in laws which I'm looking forward to very much. 

Peach jam on my toast....was so delicious!

I started this book last night.  I got it on a whim at the library because I liked the title and cover
(that's what I do : ).
It was a good decision.  It's very good!!!

On my to do list this weekend is to repot these succulents.  I can't believe I've kept them alive for almost a year!  That's a record!
But they desperately need more room.  I'm on it!

My Dad likes to treat John to soda and all the things that I don't buy (because that's what grandparents do! ;)  Right now he's on a cream soda kick. 
I like the old fashioned bottles ♥

And here's my treat this week.  I chose this over a sandwich!  It was worth every sip!

We had company on our ice cream run! I will be sad when all the silliness someday stops, so I enjoy these moments while I still can!

Tiger Lilies are everywhere right now~
The perfect pine cone I spotted on a walk the other day.  It reminded me of Fall and all that is to come.  Made me smile. 
As did this quote I spied in a magazine (while drinking said Starbucks pictured above : )
Have a happy and restful weekend my darling friends! 
I hope you are enjoying these lovely summer days!  Xx


  1. Lovely, my friend.
    I swear we are the same person!
    Your cozy, rainy Friday sounds perfect!

  2. Visiting from Billie Jo's place!
    Looks like you're living a full and wonderful life!
    Do drop in!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  3. Yum! That frappaccino looks delicious. As does the ice cream.
    I remember loving bottled cream soda as a kid. :)
    Happy Wednesday!!

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