Thursday, September 19, 2019

It's Begining to Look & Feel alot like Fall... ♥

Ever since the air started changing I've been sleeping with the windows open.  This morning was the first time I woke up chilly.  It was very hard to pull myself from my warm bed because the air in my room was so cool.  It smelt like fall.  I was content to put on my cozy robe & slippers to shuffle off to the coffee pot at 6am. Coffee always tastes better on a cold morning, don't you agree?   It warms my body....especially at that hour : ) 

Its Fall and it feels like it!  

It's starting to look like it too.  I'm noticing the leaves are just starting to change.  How pretty is this? 

Soon they will all be bursting with color! 

A fall clothing haul from Khols! 

I got some comfy long sleeve shirts and a new cardigan for the season. 

My first taste of butternut squash & sage soup!  So good, which I ate outside wrapped up in said cardigan on a 55 degree day.  It was delightful! 

(I must make this at home soon!) 

Fall things are everywhere.  The start of this years collection....


On my walk yesterday I got a nice whiff of the scent from the pine trees.  The smell reminds me of the holidays and the beginning of this time of year.  How it's all changing from summer to fall and soon it will be winter.

It made me smile : ) 

Afternoons are home always include candles. 

I've been lighting this one everyday when I get home from work. 

I love it's glow 

A little treat this week was a new recipe I tried for apple cake.  So yummy (especially served warm with butter)!!! I'll be sharing the recipe soon.  It went perfectly with tea, a fleece blanket, and the America's Got Talent finale last night.  Did you watch it?  It was amazing!!! So happy for Kodi Lee!  I loved him all season!  If you don't watch that show please look him up on YouTube. 
He's incredible   ♥  
(have tissues will cry) 

 Well, tomorrow is Friday! (you made it!! : )   

This weekend I'm planning on a soup bubbling away in the crock pot and the Downton Abby movie!

Two things I'm rather excited about! 

Have a blessed day my friends.



  1. I love these early fall days! Hints of changing colors, sweater weather, and everything apply and pumpkiny! I am so excited to go see the Downton Abbey movie. The four of us are going tomorrow evening. Yippee!! Also, I'm looking forward to the recipe for the apple cake. It looks delicious! xoxo

  2. My goodness...every single pictures speaks to my heart. <3
    I LOVE that long sleeved shirt with leaves. Where did you find it?
    Happy Friday! <3

  3. Hi Heather,
    The brand is Croft & Barrow and it's from Khols : )