Thursday, September 26, 2019

The World of Downton Abbey

Welcome to the world of Downton Abbey! A traveling exhibit of all things Downton Abbey, that just happened to be in Boston on the opening weekend of the Downton Abbey movie!  If you love the show as much as I do you will understand how this is the ultimate fan exhibit.  Memorabilia, sets, costumes....all from the show!  It was truly an extraordinary experience!  

We had tickets for 11 am.  The viewings are timed to reduce crowds (although it was still very crowded).  It cost $35 a ticket which I was happy to pay : )  While we were waiting in line we were severed tea and biscuits on silver trays with white dollies, so basically my experience started the minute I stepped out of my Uber.  

It took about 2 hours to walk through 8 rooms full of all things Downton.  I didn't photograph everything...( I was too busy gawking and wiping the drool off my face) but here is just a sample of some of my favorite things! 

Carson & Mrs. Hughes outfits ~

Carson's office ~

I love him! 

 The Kitchen~

Can't you just picture Mrs. Patmore & Daisy bickering over something?! 

The actual bell board ~ 

There were so many costumes!  

Dresses worn by Lady Mary, Edith, Rose, Cora, and Violet! I recognized so many!  I also would have taken any one of these home with me.  I love the style of the 1920's!

The Dining Room ~ 

So many memorable scenes from the show happened around this table. 

So beautiful! 

Swooning over more dresses! 


Jewelry, hats, and accessories! 

Sybil!  (still not over season 3!) 

The iconic dress Mary wore when Matthew proposed to her on Christmas Day in the snow!  
One of my favorite scenes from the entire series! 

If you have the opportunity to see this exhibit I highly recommend it! It's amazing to see the actual things up close.  There were hand written letters that were used on the show, props from the bedrooms, and profiles on every character.  So many details 

Also a fabulous gift shop : ) 

(Me, my mother in-law, sister in-law Val, and sister in-law Sara) 

We had such a fun day visiting the world of Downton Abbey!  


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  1. I saw your post about the tea at the library but I had missed this post about the Downton Abbey exhibit! I saw and loved the movie, even though I never saw the series. Thanks for sharing the exhibit. I would definitely see it if it comes to Phoenix!