Friday, May 21, 2021

A little of this and a little of that... ♥

Happy Friday! 

I put a little whip cream in my coffee this morning, because why not? It's Friday and it's been a weeeeek.... It's late morning already and yes, I'm still in my PJ's.  You would think with the warm temps and the sun shining through the windows every morning I would be more motivated to get up and go....but nope.  The opposite is happening.  I'm getting slower.... 

Must change that! Or not.  Haha : ) 

The weather here has quickly changed from Spring to Summer!  Its been hazy hot and humid.  Three of  my least favorite things. Boo. But I'm not going to complain.  I like to think of Summer as the gateway to Fall, in my opinion the best season! Who's with me??  The warmer it gets outside the more I wish for those cool crisp October days. 

I know, I know...don't rush it.  I won't.  We will hopefully have a lovely Summer and much happier than last years, no doubt about that! 

But first I must tend to Spring.  John is graduating 8th grade in two weeks! Here's his 8th grade photo.  He looks so grown up I want to cry! 

Who is this child? 


And just when I think my baby is all grown up I peek inside his room and see this...

And my heart sings! JOY!

This is just a tiny section.  The room is wall to wall Disney/Pixar/Marvel/etc.  I love it!  Although don't call them toys! Oh 13 they are now "collectables".  Ok.  Good enough for me : ) 

I just watered all my plants and things in that department are going well.  With me you never know, but I haven't killed a plant in months so I'm calling it a win.  

Did I show you this lovely orchid my mother gave me for Mother's day? 

She has much more faith in my gardening skills than I have in myself!  I took the advice of friends and am putting 1 ice cube a week in the pot.  So far so good.  Fingers crossed! 

This morning I'm burning a new candle I gifted myself for Mother's Day.  Its watermelon lemonade and if this isn't the smell of summer I don't know what is?  It's beautiful and just what I needed.  I made fish for dinner last night and I could not get the smell out of the kitchen.  That's real life folks!  But yes, this candle is doing the trick! 

I'll be working all day today.  He's a little peek at my kitchen table, where you'll find me most days tapping away on the keyboard.  I'll log off late this afternoon and take a 30 minute rest with a cup of tea on the sofa before I make dinner.  It's something I started doing a few months ago and now my body reminds me when it's time.  Tonight's dinner is baked pork chops and we'll probably watch a movie later.  I've been craving kettle corn so I'm going to attempt to make some to go with the movie.  We'll see how that goes.  I'll let you know! 

Have a nice weekend Friends! 

I'm getting my second shot on Sunday. 

Praying for no side effects.  Wish me luck! 

Byeeeee! xo 

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