Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Rainy Wednesday ♥

    Good Morning Friends 

Hello from rainy Massachusetts!  Today its literally pouring out and I have to say I'm quite enjoying it. I love the feel of a rainy day.  The sound of the tapping on the windows, the glow of the twinkle lights in the kitchen, and the smell of the air.  I'm having a moment.  And I like it. 

The good thing is that where I live the weather is always changing, better or worse...nothing stays the same.  The rain will eventually stop and the sun will shine again.  My father in law always says "if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes..."  

He's absolutely right : ) 

I am one of those people who look forward to rainy days.  It's an excuse to wear extra comfy clothes and be a bit lazy.  The rain makes me tired but I don't mind that either.  The couch feels extra comfy on days like this and tea is an absolute must (don't tell my coffee but I like tea better on rainy days...:).

Have you ever been to Disney World in Florida and experienced one of their daily thunderstorms? They are massive.  I have and I LOVE them!  I love them because once they are over, the air is so fresh and clean.  It's such a nice feeling to walk around after a storm.  It's also a perfect excuse to go back to the hotel, change into warm clothes and take a nap. Does anyone else do this on vacation? 

Jeeze, I miss that place.  But that's for another  

How is the weather where you are today?  

I'll just be here watching the rain and waiting for a rainbow 

Have a lovely day friends!  

Byeeeee! xo 


  1. I live in MA also. Northeast part. Rained just about all day....

  2. Lovely spring weather here, sunny and warm