Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Cold brew coffee ♥

It's no secret around here that I am a coffee addict.  Yes, I love tea....but I really LOVE coffee!

Coffee is my favorite drink.  I cannot function in the morning without it.  I cannot imagine a day without it.  That first sip brings me to life. Coffee is my friend.  The smell intoxicates me. That feeling of a mug of coffee in my hand makes me happy. Yes, I love coffee ♥

Ok, you get the point....: )

One thing I've always wanted to try is making cold brew coffee. The weather is getting warmer now and I'm getting that hankering for ice coffee. (yes, I love iced coffee as much at hot!) 

  I first saw this method/recipe on The Pioneer Woman.  I did some research and all of the other methods I came across were pretty much the same. 

It's going to be 85 degrees this week.  Time to make some cold brew coffee. 

Are you ready?

...take a whiff of this.....ahhhh.....

Start with 2 cups of your favorite ground coffee.

Dump into a large container.  Add 8 cups of water.

 Mix gently with a spatula until all the grounds are saturated.

Cover the container and leave on the counter for at least 10 hours.

Night, night!

After the coffee has steeped, line a strainer with cheese cloth and slowly pour it through.  You may have to do this twice to catch all the grounds.

What you are left with is this pitcher of bold  goodness!  This is a coffee concentrate which means melted ice won't water it down.  If you want to drink it hot just add two cups water to one cup concentrate.  But let's be real, this is for ice coffee all the way!

Start with a tall glass filled with ice.

Add your coffee...

Fix it the way YOU like it.  Cream and sugar for me!

Next, if you really want to kick it up a notch add a little dollop of sweetened condensed milk.

Oh my dear, this is so good!!!!

I topped with whipped cream. I figured after the sweetened condensed milk, all bets were off ♥

Am I right?

So delicious!  

Happy Wednesday my dear friends! We are working our way to Friday!  All this caffeine will certainly help me get there! 

Cheers! ♥ 


  1. Girl, coffee is liquid joy! ;) And I'll be making this recipe soon. I've been looking for a good cold press.

  2. Yes. That's how I drink mine. Then drizzle caramel sauce.

  3. Oh my! This looks too strong for me, but maybe I could use some of our leftover morning coffee. I love the idea of the sweetened condensed milk. Pinning!