Monday, May 21, 2018

Things I'm currently loving: Monday edition ♥

 Hello Everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend!
I was up bright and early Saturday morning watching the wedding.  Wasn't it lovely?  I loved everything about it - the dress, the tiara (oh the tiara!), the music, the hats, the flowers....I could go on. The vision of the bride walking in that church alone gave me chills.  She was simply stunning.
I was right there with her mom, teary and proud.  Yup. It was a good day. 
And now on to real life.....: )
Today I thought I would share a few random things around the house that I'm currently loving. 
FYI: It doesn't take much :
How cute is this Mickey tissue box I picked up at Target?  I couldn't resist it.  Especially since we are  Disney obsessed around here. Or at least I am : )
Moon Light Path is still my favorite body spray from Bath & Body. Something about a brand new bottle makes me ♥♥♥
(I was sad to learn that they have discontinued that scent in the oil for the wall flowers! Why??! I'll have to pick a new one for my bedroom. Any suggestions....)
A pretty pink polish for my toes because it's sandal season!
Frosted mini wheats. Why? Because I love them. 
Truth be told, I'm normally a raving hot mess most mornings, but lately I've been trying to allow myself a few extra minutes to actually sit down and eat breakfast. 
It really does make a difference ♥
And so do these! A fresh batch of homemade cookies for the week!
Cut up watermelon in the fridge is heaven!
Freeze pops! Because they are delicious! We enjoy these all summer long.  I actually prefer them to Popsicles!  A fresh bag of freeze pops means summer is coming!
So that's what' I'm loving  these days! How about you? What's making you smile this week?
I would love to know.  
Happy Monday, friends! Let's make it a good one ♥


  1. We have a huge box of freeze pops to keep our freezer full for the summer! :)
    Love that mickey tissue box.
    And yes, I have so enjoy watching the Royal wedding details. :)

  2. I just love sweet watermelon in the summertime. I haven't had any yet this season. That photo is making me drool!